Fuel, The Movie

Here’s the trailer of Fuel. “Josh Tickell and his Veggie Van take us on the road as we discover the pros and cons of biofuels, how Americas addiction to oil is destroying the U.S. economy and how green energy can save us, but only if we act now.”

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yes because speculants drive oil prices up lets drive on chip fat. which then causes a food crisis. besides which it wouldn’t reduce carbon emissions, at best it shortens the carbon cycle but at the expensive rain forest. all in all a negative benefit.

there is no such thing as an energy crisis. don’t buy into the fear mongery. untill developments have been made to improve energy density of batteries be they mechanical or chemical oil will rule supreme.

geplaatst door thigis op 02.07.09 om 7:47 pm

@thigis: Thanks for letting me know your view on this. Perhaps you’re right and posts like these just add to the fears that people have. I’ll take it into account next time I’m thinking of posting a video like this. Thanks.

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 02.08.09 om 1:25 pm
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