Lucid dreaming is dreaming while you are aware that you’re dreaming. You can also call it conscious dreaming. I haven’t tried it myself yet but it sure seems like something I am going to try. Anyone who knows any good books on this topic? Anyway, here’s a very interesting 9 minutes on lucid dreaming.


  1. I’ve had a few lucid dreams, and think they’re fun and amazing. If I could have more of them easily I certainly would. All of mine have been when I’ve been travelling and on meds for Malaria. I think it’s the melatonin in some Malaria medication which can greaty increase the chance of having lucid dreams. Apparently there’s natural ways of uping your malatonin levels too – but I haven’t tried them. The lucid dreams also all happened in the morning when I was kinda “sleeping in” and gone back to sleep after waking up. Hope that helps.

    For fun, the film “Waking Life” also has quite a few references/tips in regards to lucid dreaming