I’m a big fan of movies. Most of all of movies that teach me something. A new way to look at people, situations, the world…. Here’s a list of my personal top 25 movies that perfectly fit this description. Did I miss some amazing conscious movies in my list? I bet I did. Please add them in the comments so I (and other visitors) don’t miss out on all the other great movies out there.1 Crash

2 Big Fish

3 Into The Wild

4 Being There

5 Once

6 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

7 The Truman Show

8 Forest Gump

9 American Beauty

10 American History X

11 Talk To Me

12 Babel

13 The Pursuit Of Happyness

14 Happiness

15 Office Space

16 Jerry Maguire

17 The Green Mile

18 Groundhog Day

19 Elizabethtown

20 K-Pax

21 Vanilla Sky

22 Samsara

23 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring

24 Hotel Rwanda

25 The Edukators


  1. I never really had a “favorite” movie until I saw “The Station Agent”. I’ve seen most of the movies listed here, so I think it would definitely qualify as “conscious”. Have you seen it? I highly recommend!
    Thanks…let me know what you thing : )

  2. @dva: Thanks for adding the other conscious movies.

    @janvdweel: Welcome to FC and thanks for adding your comment. Buddha’s Lost Children is amazing but it’s a documentary. I’ll add a list of documentaries soon. The movie Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring is great but I think for a lot of people it’s not that accessible…. Okay, I realize now that it’s me making the decision about what’s accessible or not. I’ll put it in the list instead of ‘Children Of Men’. Thanks for pointing it out to me. With ‘consious movies’ I mean movies that make you aware of something. That teach you something. That give you insights that you didn’t have before. To me Office Space is also a movie like that.

  3. great idea to write about concious movies. i don’t however understand how you define conciousness. there’s one movie that’s missing on your list and should be in the top. that’s spring, summer, fall, winter, spring.. by kim ki duk. movies that i don’t agree being on your list are children of men, office space. i agree with dva that buddha’s should be on the list. greetz

  4. maybe Fresh Creation could start a conscious movie website (like Hulu, but with a purpose) where we could request movies and share comments on how they helped expand our conscious awareness??? maybe?

  5. @FC It’s what you say “.. in my opinion USUALLY turned out to be that movies ranked lower than 7 weren’t that great.” We say the same.. an IMDB-rating is only a relative truth.

  6. How about Steppenwolf from Herman Hesse, this German film is from the early seventies. A tough find, but worth the search!

  7. Does the majority out there have good taste, intelligent humour, smartness? Nope, that’s why there are very fine movies which get mediocre reviews on IMDB. If you look at the TOP 100 – the best movies ever made – you’ll find Terminator 2 and Lord of the Rings. Come on, we have done better than that! 😉


  8. sorry it’s a bad translation…
    it’s The Nightcomers

    You have to se Little Big man with Dustin Hoffman
    The night of the Hunter is a classic to !

  9. I really enjoy your site, it inspires me. Your list of ‘top 25 conscious movies’ got me thinking about the subject. Here is my contribution.

    1. Color of Paradise
    2. Harvey
    3. Akria’s Dreams
    4. The Best years of our livess
    5. City of god
    6. Take Out
    7. Brazil
    8. Beijing Bicycle
    9. Ikiru
    10. Paradise Now
    11. Yi Yi
    12. Cabeza de Vaca
    13. Lord of the Flies (1963)
    14. George Washington
    15.The Battle for Algiers
    16. All quite on the Western front
    17. The Killing Fields
    18. Ballad of a Soldier
    19. WallE
    20. Shawshank Redemption
    21. Smoke Signals
    22. The Mission
    23 Gandhi
    24. Before Night Falls
    25. The Beast of War

    and the world spin madly on…


  10. one movie which still deserves naming, and a must see if you like “smart” movies is “the man from earth”

    to quote a imdb review
    “This film is tantalizing, not to your eyes, not to your ears, but rather where it counts the most…your brain. What a breath of fresh air, I felt satisfied in the end and invigorated. If I had paid 50 dollars to see this film I would not have been disappointed.”

  11. Garden State (2004) IMDB rating: 7.9
    Everything Is Illuminated (2005) IMDB rating: 7.7
    The Twilight Samurai (2002) IMDB rating: 8.2

    more soon… 😉

  12. The three movies on this list that I did not see I rented yesterday: The Edukators, Office Space and Elizabethtown.

    I am sad to say I found Office Space very disappointing and in my opinion not very conscious at all. The first half hour really made me laugh and think of American beauty, but the script got lost half way and in the end it just was another silly comedy. I don’t see why it has a 7.9 at IMDB, but it must be me then 😉 Will let you know what I think about the other two movies.

    About Buddha’s lost childeren: I agree that documentaries deserve a list of their own.

    And ‘accessibility’ should not be an argument indeed! 🙂

  13. @FC, jan: the IMDB rating is a worldwide accepted guideline. A lot of sites refer to it. And of course it’s a democratic system. Anyone who registers on IMDB can vote. And who says that democracy doesn’t work? 😉

  14. @peterfromparis: The Corruptor?! With Chow Yun Fat? Dude, c’mon. I’ve seen it twice and yeah, it’s a nice action/buddy/crime film, but hardly conscious at all. (The 5.7 IMDB rating says it all ;-))

    I Agree with you though on Punch-drunk love. Sandlers best perdormance ever! Great film.

    The other films you mention I have not seen.

  15. Okay, I tried to watch Elizabethtown, but after 38 minutes I just stopped watching. The story couldn’t grab me and the fact that IMHO Orlando Bloom is not a very good actor may also have contributed.
    The 6.4 IMDB rating should also have given me a clue 😉