Perception – The Reality Beyond Matter

My latest article, What If Reality Is A Dream We All Believe In?, generated quite a few comments. The views on reality differed a lot. So… To give this some extra thought I added two videos that amindwheart and Linton pointed out. Both discuss the question: “What is reality?”


A preview of the non-dualist (advaita) take on reality: Leap!

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@misskovalova: Thanks for pointing it out!
Seems very interesting.

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Also, a photo for you.

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“The external world has no existence independent of the consciousness, which perceives it. Mere perception and practical utility cannot prove the reality of the world. For even in dreams there’s perception and practical utility – water in a dream can quench the thirst in a dream as much as real water can quench real thirst. The waking state is on par with the dream state and both are real within their own order. But from the ultimate standpoint both are unreal.”

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Well of course everything could be a dream. It could even be the dream of a very big computer or a super being. Or it could be the dreams of a “multividu universe”.

Everything is possible but i prefer to concentrate on what you can perceive threw your senses. Of course they are not perfect, but they are the best connection with reality we have.

Furthermore i think that our thoughts are more misleading than our senses. Perception is never independent from the context (from where it perceives). The context are all your feelings, beliefs and relative truths. One easy example of this rule.. sometimes a glass is half empty or half full. We see the same thing but we think differently about it.

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No real scientist really understands matter as the ultimate reality. And our own perception, no matter how unlikely it is to give us the “real” image, is very useful. On the other hand it doesnt give us any proof that the outside doesnt really exist. Its just not the way we see and feel it. And if you take more people in the equation and interactions between them you cant really stop at everything being only an image. Goes on to definition of this image and into all kinds of semantics differences and so on.
The question here I have is what is the practical usage of it? Does it make me understand life better? Actually I do think its an interesting thought, but it doesnt give you anything to go on with, just another example that everything is even more an illusion. Though aswell, nobody said you cant see the “reality “through an illusion. We do it all the time 🙂

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Need a dose of humor regarding all of this?

Here’s a link to Amy Tan (author) sharing with us her process of “creating something from nothing”…

…it’s called “Where Is Your Creativity Hiding?”
Hope you get a few good laughs, I know I did! LOL!

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Interesting lecture by Nyogen Yeo Roshi about seeing Through the Illusion:

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