There’s a lot of uncertainty and doubt in the world right now. This video also has to do with that. A musician who is letting go of what she’s been doing for years and puts herself in a place where she knows nobody. Letting go is the main thing. In any situation, I guess. On a personal level I’m also working on this. Letting go. It’s scary sometimes but the biggest lesson is that letting go is what life is all about.


  1. Letting go is a big step indeed. I’m not there yet 😉
    The link to ‘letting go’ contains some interesting viewpoints, but a pity it also contains platitudes. For example: “The Universe must accommodate us with every change of mind, that is universal law.” Do you know any good articles about this theme without the religious bla bla?

  2. I love the title…had to watch

    PS – sometimes, if you don’t let go of something, it will let go of you