You Need To Watch This…

The previous presentation by Sir Ken Robinson is one of the most inspiring presentations that I know. So I was glad to find out that a new presentation by him was available online. Make sure to watch it!Here are some quotes to get you excited: “The problem for human beings is often not that we aim too high and fail, it’s that we aim too low and succeed.” “Finding your passion does change everything.” “Being creative is the process of having original ideas that have value.” “We need to be creative responsibly.” “Most things that are obvious turn out not to be true.” “People are only transformed if they are engaged.” “Great education requires great teachers.” “It’s not about standardizing, it’s about raising standards.”


WOW. Just wow. These two videos are just incredible! Thanks so much for finding/sharing these. I think I’ll forward this on to my local government…

So motivational that I’m just beside myself now.

geplaatst door sixside op 05.03.09 om 8:55 pm

@sixside: Great to hear that you are inspired by these presentations. I publish them just for that reason. I hope you can make a positive change in your area after watching them… Success!

geplaatst door Fresh Creation op 05.03.09 om 9:59 pm
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