How To Change Everything

Seth Godin tells his theory on how to change the world.
His choice of pictures during the presentation is excellent and very funny.
Thanks to robinhoed for the tip!


Start your own movement. I think it is a great idea to think of everyone you meet as a potential leader of a movement. This is what Seth Godin implies in the end: You can start a movement in 24 hours.
In a way he also says something else: There are leaders and those who want to connect. Those who are at the front of a movement and those who “want to be missed”. The leaders just know how to make use of this ancient desire to be part of a tribe. Maybe I am overly sensitive, but this view of change still strikes me as manipulative.
In a perfect world (or my idea of it) people will not be part of a movement because the “want to be connected” but because the higher vision of this movement and their own vision of themselves match. People will be conscious that they have a choice, every moment, whether they want to be part of a tribe or not. They will be conscious of their individual capacity for change and they may donate that capacity to a given cause (movement, tribe) for a given time. The higher goal will be the reason to connect, and not the desire to be part of a group. I missed this higher goal or vision or mission in Seth Godin’s presentation.

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