Future Of The Social Web

Jeremiah Owyang gives us an update on what the future of the social web is going to bring us. The impact of the social web is huge because now the people start to really own the market instead of the companies. I’m wondering which companies will be able to adjust to these changes in time and which companies will disappear.


does everything have to be about marketing, selling, buying stuff??

what about the value of connecting? education? sharing? creating with others??

sorry, guess I’m feeling a bit cynical today, not sure why yet…

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agree to amindwheart…Seems to me that what Forrester predicts for the future is nothing but a linear extension of what is happening today – and I am not convinced that this makes it a likely future.
Maybe it should have been said that Jeremiah Owyang is only looking into a commercially interesting part of social web. (Well, probably that’s what the 25 CEOs he interviewed are interested in.) Surely there are also lots of other things going on already today: people leave the web and rediscover the joy of connecting with people offline. For those people, social networks are not much like telephones – you use them to organize activities. But not to spend time. Or they “downsize” (with the help of other web tools) their social networks to filter out the personal messages from the irrelevant.

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