If Books Came After Games

What if games had been invented 500 years ago and then all of a sudden in the year 2009 books were invented. How would we perceive books then? See what happens if you start looking at things fom a different point of view.


Never thought of it that way!

geplaatst door Piet Wijs op 06.17.09 om 11:01 am

@robinhoed: Saying that it sounds like a lot of BS is just adding negative energy… What interests me is why you don’t you agree with what’s said in the clip?

geplaatst door martijn van osch op 06.18.09 om 1:15 pm

Sounds like a lot of BS to me. But it’s a nice try from the gaming industry! 😉

geplaatst door robinhoed op 06.24.09 om 5:06 pm
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