3D Youtube – 20% ‘Playtime’ Result

Okay, it takes a little bit of practice, and I don’t recommend overstraining your eyes. But the new ‘cross-eyed’ 3d really works. Of course you can get one of those 3d glasses and see the 3d effect in of color, but going full screen and crossing your eyes is a much better result. What makes this a real Fresh Creation is the way it started. Like Google, Youtube gives employees the freedom to work on their own ideas 20% of the time. I believe 3D Youtube was the work of a guy named Yuri. He really got to work and you have to give credits to his employer for giving him the 20% ‘playtime’ to do so.More 3D experiments

To see the full scope of the 3D project you have to go straight to Youtube. The technology is nog yet embeddable.


3D goggles in 3D

Eine Coole Tester

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