Though I try to avoid posting commercials, I made an exception for this one. The reason is that it is more like a piece of art than like a commercial to me. 60.000 pictures were needed to make it. Nice work. Though I would have enjoyed it even more if they had added birth and death to the clip. The full circle of life. But I guess ending a clip with death doesn’t sell…. 😉


  1. I don’t know? Why?

    I for one don’t think less of the commercial. I just think it’s part of the story of how this commercial came to be. I actually like the fact that they are using someones creativity in this way. It’s kinda of tribute to Dokugyunyu’s creativity. A tribute they are now even mentioning on the youtube page of the ad.

    That’s why I gave the link to the original. I’m the kinda of guy that loves to watch the ‘making of’ when he has seen a great movie. For me this is part of the making of.

    So I’m curious why does that makes you think less of the commercial? ;p

  2. @Piet: I guess my way of thinking was that the ad was ‘using’ an original idea to sell stuff to people. But that’s not entirely true. The advertising agency did add something to the original idea. I should give them credit for that.

    Thanks for clarifying your view, Piet.
    Much appreciated.