Boddhisatva In The Metro

I am one of the people who commute to work by train. Now, with all the buzz about Swine Flu, each time someone sneezes on the train, everybody is shuffling in their seats. Or is it just me seeing things? This film by Christine Rabette reminds everyone worried about germs that also laughter is extremely contagious, even in a commute train. And don’t they say that laughter is the best medicine?

The film “Merci!” won a Golden Wave for best Short Film in 2003, so it’s not really fresh, but I found it pretty up to date nevertheless. The film also reminded me of a research project I read about some months ago: A long time survey found that happiness is contagious and therefore, even strangers may cheer you up. Just as you and I can cheer up strangers 😉


Great clip!
I recognize the situation while traveling by train.
People usually sit in the train quiet and serious.
Last week the train was delayed for over an hour.
Passengers were annoyed by that.
I remember how the whole atmosphere in the train changed when we finally arrived at the destination and through the speakers you could hear: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re arriving at our destination. When leaving the train don’t forget your luggage or your partner.” 😉

geplaatst door freshcreation op 08.27.09 om 10:39 am

Every train should have cd player on board. When the train is delayed in the middle of nowhere they should start playing songs like: don’t worry be happy, or it’s a beautifull day. And maybe every train should have a good comedian or ex radio DJ on board, who would start telling jokes, and telling anekdotes while spinning tunes. That would kill the time and lift the spirits… Or well… they could just have trains riding on time.

On last thing though. When I started the movie I had my own music on, the tune from america beauty ( it’s 3.05 minutes and briljantly timed. When the man starts laughing it feel really sad. Like if he’s not all there. But then my player suddenly changed to Bobby Mcferrin’s ‘Don’t worry be happy’. Perfect! Really try it!

geplaatst door Piet Wijs op 08.28.09 om 8:11 am
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