Don’t Eat The Marshmallow Yet!

A little story about delayed gratification. Children are seated in a closed room were they get a plate with a marshmallow or another kind of sweet treat. The adult that gave them the treat then leaves the room for fifteen minutes telling the kid that if the sweet is still there when he comes back they’ll get another one. Two out of three children eat the marshmallow before the adult gets back. The ones who don’t eat it Joachim de Posada says are apt to be more successful in life. A lesson on resisting temptations and the importance of self discipline.

A while back the Diley sextuplets were also put to the delayed gratification test. The results were rather different.

Here’s a little “infomercial” about Professor Philip Zimbardo’s book The time paradox, that digs deeper into cope if you are inclined to choose the quick fix.

Another infomercial with a comment that got me thinking. What if one in three children didn’t like marshmallows. Are they a universal treat? Well I’d say yes. But it’s a fun test to do. Do you like marshmallows? No, then are you successful in life?

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