Let Bobby McFerrin Hack Your Brain

Some things are universal. Like music. Want to see that universality in action? Bobby McFerrin does something amazing on stage at the World Science Festival 2009. The audience did not practice or even know what the pentatonic scale is but they performed it and so do all of Bobby’s audiences, all around the world.


Bobby is not unfamiliar with an audience as well…


geplaatst door linton op 08.07.09 om 5:29 pm

It was great to rediscover Bobby. his style really resonates with me. I’ve been singing this song for years while cycling:

Didn’t remember who’s it was.

This one’s also really great for a long drive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=codmxk7uLv8

thanks for the rediscovery

geplaatst door Piet Wijs op 08.12.09 om 9:11 am

@linton: That’s great!!
A great experiment…

Bobby McFerrin is an awesome singer/performer.
What he can do with his voice is really impressive.
For those who don’t recall him, he’s also the guy that sang ‘Don’t worry be happy’ for which he did all the vocals/instruments with his voice.

geplaatst door freshcreation op 08.12.09 om 10:45 am

@Piet: Yes, those are great songs.
I owned a tape of a show by Bobby McFerrin. A friend copied it for me when I was, I think, 12 or 13. I played that tape over and over. It also contained the songs that you mention. The songs really stuck in my head. It was about 4 or 5 years later that I discovered who sang the songs.

Don’t forget this song: I’ve Got A Feeling

geplaatst door freshcreation op 08.12.09 om 10:48 am
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