Pretty Cool People: Miranda July

There are a lot pretty cool people interviewed over at the Submarine Channel. One of my favorites is Miranda July. She was responsible for and also starred in Me and you and everyone we know. She talks about her art, that mostly exists out of pictures made by people she gave an assignment. Assignments like: photograph strangers holding hands, make an encouraging banner. Great stuff.


I especially recognize the part where she talks about having seen a movie and immediately wanting to start to work on something due to an idea that you had because of it. I always had that same experience after watching a Dutch music program (Twee Meter Sessies). Immediately after the program I would go to my room and start playing guitar and singing.

Thanks for sharing.

geplaatst door freshcreation op 08.21.09 om 12:28 pm

I love stuff like that too. I actually tipped this a little bit back to Fresh.

geplaatst door linton op 09.03.09 om 2:16 am
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