These Compliment Guys Are Great!

There’s always something to compliment. Cam Brown and Brett Westcott are standing on a corner at Purdue university Indiana, giving out free compliments to everyone who passes by. What are they getting out of it? A whole lot of smiles. Great idea isn’t it.

So let’s see if it works here. I love how you are reading this post, I really respect the way Linton is keeping us posted during the summer break, I like Ines’ philosophical take on things and of course I admire how Martijn is making this all possible. Have you got a compliment you’d like to share?


Thank you. This might be rude but… I think it’s worth mentioning that they are funded by Kodak. I don’t know the full history of the thing, maybe it started as a fun thing and Kodak is only supporting it but I doubt they printed their picture on a bus, just decided to stand infront of Kodak’s buildings and would have gotten half the press before Kodak got into it. Don’t mean to be a buzz kill, it’s a great thing they are doing. Just sharing how I feel.

geplaatst door linton op 08.12.09 om 4:04 am

Compliments Linton on a just comment… Though compliment guys have appearantly been active at Purdue since 2003, Kodak is now funding the latest compliment guys generation. But their action came before the funding. Much like Matt (Where the hell is Matt) Who did his dancing for himself first and later was funded by a chewing gum company.

But of course, credit where credit is due:

The truth is, the two weren’t even the first compliment guys to bestow their talents on Purdue’s campus. In 2003, compliments flew toward students as they passed through Memorial Mall on Friday afternoons. Tim Healy, Brandon Till, Derek Kirk and Matt Toth made up the group that passed out free compliments, smiles and hugs. The original compliment guys even had a booth set up where students could come for their compliment fix.

These gents did not receive national attention. They did not go on tour or sit through interviews with Matt Lauer. They gave compliments and they did it for the fun of it; they did it to make other people feel good about themselves, because they knew how great it can be to get a compliment. The four must feel amazed, and slightly annoyed, at the success of the two that followed in their footsteps.

geplaatst door Piet Wijs op 08.12.09 om 9:02 am

Thanks again Piet 😀 I think the new guy takes full credit for the idea. Anyway, that Purdue article ends by calling them “sell outs.” I disagree. It’s a good idea. It’s a good ad. Even if they copied the idea completely, which I think they did not, I still don’t consider them sell outs. Handing out compliments it not really new. Anyway, if you make money doing what you love, what’s the problem? The three things that I don’t like is 1. it’s not labeled an ad like Matt’s, 2. they sort of changed it. Okay, Matt changed too but he did not start handing out Kodak stickers and ask people to smile, like when you take a picture. And last and probably the main reason I don’t like it, 3. they are not having fun anymore…

Their day seemed directed mostly by the needs of the videographer, Jesse Selwyn of Los Angeles, hired to produce a video from each city posted to the tour’s Web site,

“It’s a little taxing for them,” says Selwyn. “They’re in college. They miss their friends.”

Selwyn says that Kodak told him not to go too heavy with the branding for the video, to keep it light and “very guerrilla.”

geplaatst door linton op 08.12.09 om 10:36 am

Okay, here are my compliments:
I compliment Linton for his continious questioning of social trends, website interfaces and whatever else needs questioning. 😉
I compliment Piet for digging deeper in order to add a little extra to his enthusiastic posts.
I compliment Ines for her positive look at the world and her efforts to put this into practice.

geplaatst door freshcreation op 08.12.09 om 11:17 am

i decided to google this because my son did this last weekend at the local mall (i found out after the fact) except that he asked for a quarter for each compliment. He is 13 yrs. old. He made $10.00, asked about 200 people in all he claims. We told him couldn’t do this anymore, it was an elevated form of panhandling! Now I know where he got the idea.

geplaatst door lynn op 11.02.09 om 8:09 am
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