60 Minutes report about Alice Waters. She is a famous proponent of food made with natural ingredients, in season, served fresh and grown without pesticides. These are good things.


  1. The Who and Alice’s call for a White House garden always seemed like failure to me. Yes, they got the garden, even a bee hive but there were problems. Like many urban gardens, there were concerns about polluted soil. I think things scale really fast when there is no symbolism or problems. We won’t build a better future until we acknowledged what got us here in the first place, because it’s all still here, polluted soil and more.

  2. @Linton: Don’t you think that sometimes the message and the intention behind the message are more important than the exact realization. In this case the signal Ms Obama gives is that more people should connect to the earth. Maybe even use there own backyard or balcony to grow some food. Teach children to respect and enjoy the world. I think that is the symbolism and that’s the problem they are trying to tackle. Once you get ‘reconnected’ you start to fix the problems you find along the way. You feel it’s improtant to do so. They wouldn’t have discovered the contaminated soil if they didn’t want to grow something in the first place. Now president Obama can literally start to work on a global issue in his own backyard.

  3. Peit, I am not a fan of symbolism. It all seems like propaganda to me. Sure, if there is something behind it, then yes, it’s fine. I don’t see anything behind this. Pass a zoning law that makes more gardens legal or something. It’s illegal to collect water for example in rain barrels in many places. Do something about that. If he pushed for laws on rain water collecting for example, it would matter and I would not care if the White House uses one. You fix the problem when you fix the problem. Symbols of fixing the problems are usually cover for not fixing the problem. Also, they knew about the pollution. Someone thought it was a great idea to use sewage as fertilizer. That’s the source. The soil was okay before that. I don’t think they are going to do anything about it. The level of pollution might be below what’s “accepted.”