Why Rewards Block Creativity

Career analyst Dan Pink, also known for his Manga style book for managers The Adventures Of Johnny Bunko, gives a brilliant presentation at TED about why rewards don’t work when it comes to generating creative solutions. Actually, rewards sometimes have the opposite effect: reducing creativity. It all comes down to autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Watch the video to make sense of all this and prepare to be inspired.


This explain why creative people resist financial rewards!! And all this time we’ve been told there’s something wrong with us – that we have to change our “prosperity consciousness” and other bullsh*t like that :-0

Thank you so much, this really helps me alot.

PS – I’ve embedded this vid into metaphysics-for-life.com on the MONEY page – really valuable info!!

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@amindwheart: You’re welcome…

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I would love to add a link to FC on MFL…will look for a good high-traffic spot to put it and will let you know as soon as I get it up and running!

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The real question should be why are you doing the task in the first place. Either way someone figures out a way to do. How long it takes is really just a matter of time. Creativity is not hurt. Speed of creativity is hurt. In fact, the longer it takes is probably better for creativity. Creativity is not a tool, it’s an end on to itself.

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