A New Sound: Green for All

Green For All is an organization working to build an inclusive green economy in the U.S. which is “strong enough to lift people out of poverty”. What I like about the video is that it tries to speak to the senses, especially the sense of hearing. There clearly is no lack of information about the pitfalls of the “old economy”, as the video calls it, but information alone does not inspire a change of direction. Experiencing the “old” as noisy and harmful may be a much more intense motivation to step into something new.There is also something I don’t like about this video, something much harder to form into words. It is to do with the promise of “millions of new jobs” that is placed against the headlines of rising unemployment. Maybe it is too much to ask from a short video, but I feel that the story is not complete without mentioning that it is not simply the “old economy” that is responsible for pollution and unemployment, as also an excessive lifestyle of consumption is part of the old rythm. So in order to switch to something radically different, it will not be enough to replace fossil energy with clean energy. “An environmental revolution in technology is essential, but that’s only half the answer.” (James Gustave Speth)

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