Motorola Cliq Or The iPhone?

Right now I own the Nokia N95 but my subscription is about to end so I’m looking around for a new device which is able to a) let me share content easily, b) create quality content, c) keep up with new developments, d) connect me easily with the right people. The iPhone 3GS seems to be able to do all this but after watching a presentation about the Motorola Cliq I am still having doubts about what to buy. The Motorola Cliq has a 5 megapixel camera, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, Motoblur interface and Android. Since the amount of Android apps is growing fast (10.000 apps) and more and more Android devices are launched, I am starting to consider the Cliq as a serious option. What do you think?

An 8 minute demo of the Motorola Cliq is in the full post.


Even though I am not an expert Android is open-source/Linux based. Apple is not. Apple restricts your freedom. Take the Google Voice app rejection story for example (
Open source is all about freedom. Your ability to customize every last detail of the software you bought if you so choose. From graphical interface to detailed coding.
Greenpeace has an interesting list of the good and bad companies producing electronics. (
I love the i-Phone since I am a designer myself but not what it stands for. Plus i would always prefer a small keyboard over tapping the screen, especially for web applications like posting on websites. One of my more favoured phones is the Nokia N900 but as I said I am no expert but hope this helped.

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@chris: Thanks for your comment.

I support the thought behind open source.
So I would prefer Android over others.
A real keyboard is a big plus for me too.
So that makes the iPhone less attractive.
Also the fact that the iPhone camera is only 3.2 megapixel is not helping.

The N900 looks like a full-featured mobile.
Hadn’t heard of it. Thnx for the tip.
Too bad it’s lacking Android.

What mobile are you using, by the way?

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PS Interesting to see the Greenpeace list of good and bad companies. It might’ve been even a better list if they made an overview of ‘pluses’ and ‘minuses’ for each company. That way it would be even more clear what the grades are based on.

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Happy to help

I currently own my dad’s old Nokia 5500 sport. Not a very good design but i only need it to make calls and send texts. I’ll probably wait a year or two for todays smartphones to lose value and buy a used one off ebay (i’m an unemployed car design graduate :).

Full Greenpeace report:

good rating site:

Motorolla Cliq review:

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If it helps, ive been an android user since may 2009 and im very very happy with this operating system. Because its open sourceness, it is always in development so expect a lot of updates and mods. Ull never get bored of your phone.

geplaatst door Dhex op 09.23.09 om 11:44 pm

Having just bought the Cliq and having tested the iPohne 3GS I can say w/o doubt I got the right phone. the iPhone uses up battery like a fullzise SUV with 10 passangers going full speed, uses AT&T;’s network (FTL) and meaning that you will often be w/o service and when you do have it , it sucks. the Cliq has better features all around and a real keyboard…that right there gives it a thumbs up over the iphone.

but the biggest thing about it is that you will not have steve jobs telling you what you can and cannot do with your phone and disabling your phone remotely if he detects illegal (by apples standard) apps on your phone. plus the android market is growing ever bigger and will soon surpass apple since well, there is only one iphone and several andiod phones out there.

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