Switchital Clock

Really cool this digital clock. It seems like a concept to me. The way it works is with small metal bars that are controlled via magnetic force. Together they form the time on the surface.


So much motion every minute could be a distraction. I think the Timesphere is a much more elegant solution.


geplaatst door linton op 09.10.09 om 5:00 pm

Remember that every minute only the last digit changes. Then every ten minutes 2 digits…. ect

Could be distracting if it makes sounds each time a minute passes by. Don’t know if that is the case.

That Timesphere clock is very minimal. I like minimal though it has to stay functional.

geplaatst door freshcreation op 09.10.09 om 5:21 pm

There are so many new clocks (in computer, cell phone, tv set top box, iPods, cooking ovens, microwave, etc) that desk, wall, etc clocks are not really that functional at all anymore.

geplaatst door linton op 09.10.09 om 6:17 pm

Not sure if this was already featured on FC.

geplaatst door r0bert op 09.11.09 om 2:53 am

r0bert, It was not featured. I have seen it though. Hawkings was at the debut. Never liked it. Insects can only reach a certain size, so art like Insect Labs’ makes more sense to me personally.


geplaatst door linton op 09.11.09 om 2:48 pm

another interesting – and more sensual – approach to telling the time is the use of scents. Hyun Choi created this “watch” which lets you experience time through your nose 🙂

geplaatst door ines op 09.16.09 om 9:31 am
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