Pandore Or What Are You Afraid Of?

On the clouds of the mythic Mount Olympus, a young girl unleashes a dangerous monster from a mysterious box. Can he match the infant that set him free?

I understand this beautiful animation by Gobelins as an invitation to face one’s personal shadows with curiosity rather than fear – and experience personal growth as a result.The demon in the video insists on enacting patterns of domination and victimization – but the child just refuses to play according to this script. She even has the courage to dive right into the mysterious dark box, from which she re-emerges as a grown being. This could almost be a video summary of soulcraft, a book by Bill Plotkin that I’ve just finished reading.

Bill Plotkin believes that by courageously facing the underworld of the soul, we can find our true place in the world and our authentic self. He describes various “soulcraft skills”, such as dream work, wandering in nature, vision quests, use of symbols, or mindfulness practice, which help to step out of the ordinary world with its usual scripts, and into a process of self-discovery. A process that is, by necessity, a terrifying experience for the ego, which would prefer safety and comfort to transcendence any time.

It was enlightening for me to realise that the journey into one’s darkest fears and personal shadows is just as important for developing an eco-centric (rather than egocentric) culture, as is the connection to the upperworld of spirit through practices such as meditation or yoga.

In the interview below Bill Plotkin explains why it is necessary to re-connect to one’s wild nature.


I posted a Goblins animation before. They do great work. The animation reminds me of an episode of Teen Titans called Nevermore. Similar themes.

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