The Year I Was Homeless

Becky Blanton’s Ted talk, The Year I Was Homeless, is the best Ted speech this year. Maybe ever.


Why is this the best lecture of the year?

geplaatst door Beer van Geer op 11.01.09 om 6:39 pm

Beer van Geer, A matter of taste really. I was not a big fan of the emotional talks actually. I don’t even think the honesty was the reason. I suspect she might have been more depressed, earlier, than she let on. To be honest, I hated the talk until about the half way point. I think generally, I judge a talk as good if I learn something, if I understand a new POV. I think, like many people, know what we think about ourselves can strip away pretty quick, like Lord of the Flies. You don’t hear people talk about it a lot. Ever really. So, that beats out Bill Gates releasing mosquitoes, which was pretty cool 😀

geplaatst door linton op 11.02.09 om 1:32 am
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