Transcendent Man

Trailer for a documentary about Ray Kurzweil called Transcendent Man. Ray is… strange. Depending on who you talk to, he is either a genius or a mad man.Bonus: VOA story about the film

TFF on the film


The most awesome film I’ve ever seen. Don’t know when it’s coming out though.

geplaatst door Alex op 10.10.09 om 7:14 pm

Agreed Alex.
Earlier this year the release date was fall 2009.
But they removed that from the website a while ago and is now somewhere in 2010.

geplaatst door r0bert op 10.10.09 om 10:53 pm

Ray also has his own movie coming this year.

geplaatst door linton op 10.10.09 om 11:27 pm

Am I the only one who finds it creepy? It’s so sinister.

geplaatst door Lily op 01.02.10 om 1:35 am

@ Lily
I think that is due to that what he is predicting or trying to accomplish, is a very new idea to us.

I’m pretty sure people thought flying was “creepy” 200 years ago.
200 years from now you might find it normal.

geplaatst door r0bert op 01.02.10 om 2:28 am
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