Don Tapscott – Moving Into A Whole New Paradigm

The story
Don Tapscott says that we’re living in a time where huge changes occur. A paradigm shift is happening. The end of all institutions as we know them. A chance for ‘digital natives’ to use their new way of thinking and make this world a better place.

Why this story inspired me
The phrase “We need to reset” is a strong one. We’ve been living in a world which was based on certain patterns that left out the fact that humans are involved. Now we’re running into the results of ignoring this for way too long. By resetting all institutions, all old patterns, things can change for the better.

What I hope sharing this story will lead to
I hope that people will start to recognize old patterns in their lives and start to question them. Do those patterns really help? Why are they there? Do we need them?

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