Why You Should Plan Your Day The Night Before

The story
Jack Canfield, the founder and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, tells us why we should plan our day the night before: Because if you plan your day the night before then during your sleep your unconscious and subconscious mind will start working on creative ideas to make your plan happen.

Why this story inspired me
A great tip that I’m certainly going to put into practice. It also connects with John Cleese’s story: creating boundaries of space and time to get into the creativity flow. Well, just think of the time that you sleep as the perfect example of a boundary in space and time. It’s 8 hours that you will not be disturbed. Perfect! I just didn’t look at sleep this way before.

What I hope sharing this story will lead to
I hope that people will start to experiment with planning a day ahead, just like I am going to do. Should this work then sleep is a huge opportunity to make the best of the following day and of life.


Do I really want to remember a bad life from the past. And this is working while you sleep, will I get paid for this… I think not.

geplaatst door Lasy Bones op 11.22.09 om 10:40 pm

@Lasy Bones:
What do you mean with “Do I really want to remember a bad life from the past.”?

geplaatst door freshcreation op 11.23.09 om 9:58 am

This really isn’t anything new, I’ve tried this before and I definitely like it a lot. However, the key here is how do you stick with it?

geplaatst door Bri op 11.24.09 om 2:38 pm

@Bri: Sticking with it is ‘simply’ a decision. You can decide to do it and keep doing it. But thoughts try to distract you “I don’t feel like it today”, “What happens if I skip it just this week”… Creating a distance between you and your thoughts helps. A way to achieve this is meditation.

geplaatst door freshcreation op 11.24.09 om 2:56 pm
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