MVRDV – Out Of The Box Architecture

The story
With their projects all over the world, architect agency MVRDV shows how they live up to the challenges to come up with original solutions for intensified use of space by combining a variety of functions.

Why this story inspired me
The projects by MVRDV show that so much more is possible if you let go of traditional architectural thinking. On top of that their solutions are beautiful to look at and they take the social element of a building seriously by turning buildings into communities.

What I hope sharing this story will lead to
I hope that more people will start to look at their creations as an opportunity to create something amazing.


That is because you have to prove yeolsurf on small scale. But, on large scale, especially in context like this, you might to ask yeolsurf if it is necessary to produce a masterpiece, or just produce. Maybe it’s just me, but I see the funny simple point of view on that matter in this building.

geplaatst door Kristina op 12.07.12 om 9:33 am
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