I Wish All Teachers Could Be Like This

The story
The only conductor to ever lead the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Zander is a prophet of human potential and an unrivaled champion of joie de vivre. Watch as he helps unlock the boundless potential of a 15 year old cellist and teaches the entire audience what it means to live in a world of possibility.

Why this story inspired me
It made me realize the impact of thinking in possibilities. It also made me realize how big the influence of music on other people is if it is played from the heart.

What I hope sharing this story will lead to
I hope, just like Benjamin Zander, that all people who watch the clip will start living their lives in possibility.


I like the fact that Zander is not afraid to point out errors and then suggest ways to improve. But mostly I ove the idea of living in the world of infinite possibility and creativity no matter our academic discipline.

geplaatst door janshs op 12.14.09 om 10:36 pm

@janshs: Do you put the idea of living in possibility into practice? The video made me ask myself this question.

geplaatst door freshcreation op 12.15.09 om 5:23 pm
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