Homeless Mustard Sings Creep

The story
Homeless guy Mustard walks into a radio show where they are promoting a ‘homeless shopping spree’. During the interview it turns out that Mustard can play guitar and sing. He takes his guitar and starts playing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’…. Beautiful.

Why this story inspired me
This might be one of the best versions of ‘Creep’ that I have ever heard. The way he sings the song shows that the lyrics could be his. He owns the lyrics. Very moving.

What I hope sharing this story will lead to
I hope that more people are able to find their unique style/voice. The guy in the clip doesn’t just play a cover of a song. He takes the song as an idea and makes it his own. That’s a big difference.


WOW! What a performance! I’m really impressed. Did he get the shopping spree?

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