Still Bill

The story
Still Bill is an intimate portrait of soul legend Bill Withers, best known for his classics “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Lean On Me,” “Lovely Day,” “Grandma’s Hands,” and “Just the Two of Us.” With his soulful delivery and warm, heartfelt sincerity, Withers has written the songs that have – and always will – resonate deeply within the fabric of our times.

Why this story inspired me
The trailer shows that Bill Withers’ main strength is to not become distracted by what other people want. He’s not looking for people to like him, he’s not looking for more money, he’s looking for ways to know how it feels for his “desperation to get louder”.

What I hope sharing this story will lead to
I hope that more people will find the strength to do whatever it is that they want to do. This means: being true to yourself.

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