Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Steve Martile, a Canadian life coach, shares the basics of changing your life in these 5 videos. To me the most interesting part is about finetuning your life by doing experiments. I can tell by experience that experiments like that are really fun. They turn your whole life into a playground. And while playing you get to learn a lot. Here are some of my experiments: 5 things I learned from 5 months without media, 100 things I changed in 1 year, 10 things I learned from 5 months of meditation.


I don’t get this guy. I only watched the first video, but is he talking about the concept of karma? Or is he talking about the same stuff as in that movie The Secret? (Law of attraction)

So, if I were in a plane crash, it was my thinking that caused it? And how exaclty did I do that?

geplaatst door Robin op 05.02.10 om 2:06 pm
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