You have leaders and you have followers. The guy in this video is dancing by himself. At first he looks like a ‘crazy person’. But then another person starts doing the same. Now the ‘crazy person’ is a ‘leader’ with one follower. Another person joins in. As more people gather it becomes easier for the rest to join in. Who is the most important person in the video? Is it the first person dancing or the first follower?


  1. What a terrific sociological question! I wonder if there are published works out there about the key role a “first follower” plays in any new movement? Great food for thought.

  2. To me, it’s definitely the first follower. He turns the ‘craziness’ of the dancer into ‘genius’ and gives other people the opportunity to follow without feeling weird. Cool video!

  3. I think both leader and follower are equally important.

    The leader needs the follower to exist and the follower needs the leader.
    One can’t exist without the other.