Is it an action when you stand motionless? In our busy and hectic times it certainly gets noticed. That is why on World Environment Day 2009 (5 June 2009) at 1pm people across New Zealand suddenly turned into human statues. As in Wellington (where the video was taken) they came together in public places and then - stopped moving! Over a thousand people took part to form a monument for united action on climate change.One participant, Anna Chinn, described how the experience of freezing affected her: “…we froze because when you stand motionless in George Street as cars, vans, buses and people rumble past, you get to contemplate the lot, and you wonder why it took this event to get you to spend five minutes doing so. And because when you do so and you know 50 other people are doing the same thing, you get a sense of collective consciousness. ... If all the still folk made the passers-by wonder, then that’s good too. Wondering is good.” The Freeze was organised by a team of volunteers who are now planning the next activities. Find out more about the event at Freeze NZ. (Found through Mr Freeze – the mysterious leader of the Freeze.)

Free like a bird

Vorige week heb ik een nieuw speeltje gekocht: de Canon 5D mark II.
Wat een geweldig apparaat.
Vandaag had ik eindelijk wat tijd om hem buiten in het zonnetje uit te proberen.
Statief ging mee om ook de video-functionaliteit te testen.
Grappig hoe je met een fotocamera en een statief ineens met allerlei mensen in gesprek raakt.

Oh ja, bovenstaande foto is dus vanmiddag gemaakt met de 5D mark II.
Meer foto’s volgen.


  1. Jaja… 😉
    Ideeën en te interviewen personen heb ik al.
    Apparatuur is nu ook aanwezig.
    De vaardigheden leer ik gaandeweg wel.

    Ik ga nu even die DVD over DSLR video van jou kijken.
    (nogmaals bedankt daarvoor!)