Johanna Haffner over de inspiratiesessie bij Knowmads

Vorige week gaf ik een inspiratiesessie over ‘Dromen waarmaken’ bij Knowmads.
Gisteren ontving ik een mail waarin Johanna, een van de Knowmads studenten, beschrijft hoe zij deze sessie ervaren heeft.
Erg gaaf…

Dear Martin,

I really liked the session with you!

I really appreciated the way you let us discover a way ahead that could and should be really personal and I found it inspiring to hear so many different stories that still connected to each other. Phrasing and putting into words what we otherwise just think works for me because I gain clarity. And if I share with others where I want to go and why it also is a kind of personal note/manifesto for myself.
I think it is nice to have that clarity – and I have to remind myself often that clarity is really so important because when we know where we want to go we are a lot less likely to be sidetracked.

What was great was that you let us do the steps – and the way before us therefore connects with where we are now.
A prejudice I have about people who do inspirational speeches is that they will tell me too much about all the great stuff that I will do if I follow their philosophy. Great that you do not fit in with this prejudice that I just realized I had. After such a speech I am inspired only for half an hour, then I realize that I do not feel the connection with where I am now.
Nice that you did not promise miracles out of thin air but instead managed to already let us connect some dots within our stories ourselves.

Because the next small step is the one that is doable, as you put it;)

Warm Regards,

Johanna Haffner

Johanna, thanks for your email.
It is much appreciated. 🙂
I’m curious where the outcome of the session will lead you to…

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