De trailer van American - The Bill Hicks Story. Die komt zeker op m'n lijstje van te kijken documentaires. En als je niet weet wie Bill Hicks is dan moet je hier klikken (en je een klein beetje schamen ;-)...
Prachtig filmpje waarin de belangrijkste sponsoren van het Offf International Festival For The Post-Digital Creation Culture op toepasselijke wijze onder de aandacht worden gebracht.
Een woord kan meerdere betekenissen hebben. Een geluid kan meerdere betekenissen hebben. Een beeld kan meerdere betekenissen hebben. Deze video speelt met dit gegeven en verbindt beeld, geluid en woorden met elkaar. Lukt het je om het verband tussen ieder opeenvolgend fragment te...
image Last year I wrote a post about Coca Cola's Happiness Factory commercial. This year you get the chance to watch an unusual 'behind the scenes' version of the same commercial. Six minutes of amazing animated work by Psyop and Wieden+Kennedy. It reminded me of the Creature Comforts animation because of the way it combines the voices with the characters. Anyway, enjoy! via Related News: - Copy Cat Coca Cola - Mortimer & Bracket - Hallucii By Goo-Shun Wang
When you're a kid you think anything is possible. But for many people that thought fades away as they grow older. But what if you could start acting as a kid again? Like anything is possible. The only real...
On June 27, 2008 the new Pixar movie Wall-E will be released. The movie is about a robot that lived alone for 700 years. But one day all of that changes. Pixar did a great job by making Wall-E a character that is very curious and not so smart. Besides the trailer I also added a short Wall-E animation. Wall-E Trailer

Sexy Lamps

image If people get turned on by looking at sexy people, then why wouldn't lamps get turned on by looking at sexy lamps? This great animation shows what happens if a lamp runs into a magazine full of sexy lamps.

Hand Picked Related Creations

- Bulb Gives Light While Floating In Midair - Light Design - Stringfellows Lamp Posts
Wallpaper Magazine looks at three graduate students in fashion, illustration and photography. The last is the most interesting for me, photographs of people that take photos of air planes or plane spotters.
Violenn Simon made a book full of drawings of which each drawing is a part of the song People Are Strange by The Doors. Bonus: The Doors - People Are Strange via suchablog
Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of Money as Debt tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it all is being created. For those interested in this subject, I'd recommend watching the last 45 minutes of Zeitgeist.Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Honda shows us what they have done to save the environment. They also give us tips on how to decrease our fuel consumption. Nice animation. Though I still prefer Honda's animated Hate Something commercial. via brainstorm9
Want to know the meaning of Life? It will cost you only $9.99. That's the tag line for a new and interesting animated film, $9.99, coming to theaters this Summer. The movie follows people living in a Sydney apartment complex looking for meaning in their lives.
Meet Mr. Adi Dassler. Learn how Adidas' founding father first came up with the three stripes. 60 years of Adidas history.
image Cool stopmotion video for Proximus. They say it's totally made with iStopMotion. The clip is made by the Belgian agency Emakina for the I Love Josiane campaign. Watch the video here. via Related News: - Cardboard Box Race - 2356 Days In Less Than 6 Minutes - 3 Years In 1 Minute And 9 Seconds
The paper sculptures in this commercial for Beringer wine were inspired by Su Blackwell's work. The makers of the commercial discovered her work online and were intrigued and contacted her. Watch the result. Bonus: The making of via paul isakson
British Angry Kid clay animation by Aardman.
This is a short film about information. Although most of us think we know what we mean when we say "information," we sometimes confuse the medium with the message. via infosthetics
Recently more and more people are asking me why I don't Twitter. I still haven't made up my mind yet. The thing is that I'm looking for less information/communication stress and Twitter doesn't seem to help me achieve that goal. It just adds to it. But if you have a good reason why I should use it then let me know. In the meantime watch this great animation about a young man who struggles against the pressure to Twitter his life away. Twitter in Plain English
Steve Dildarian is the creator of the adult comedy The Life &Times Of Tim. Steve never drew before, creates by accident and was shocked his short was even accepted into a few animation festivals. Next thing Steve knew his work was on HBO and recently, Virgin1. Lesson: Take a chance. No matter your experience level.Bonus: Another interview with Steve.
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