Here's an animation about an ice bear working out on a running machine. Quite funny. Related News: - Angry Kid By Aardman - Jurassic Fart - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Ah... Now I understand.
This spectacular lasershow was shown at "Aerospace Career Day" (May 2-4 2006) at Brooks City-Base in San Antonio. Tip: Skip the first 27 seconds, they only contain pictures of the lasershow. Related News: - 2000 Square Meter Of Tetris - 750 Square Meter Videoprojection - Stripping in 3D - The Amazing Parasite Project
After seeing the eyecandy Avatar throws at us, it's nice to see were we came from. It started with movies like The Enchanted Drawing back in 1900. This teacher made a great intro for his 5th grade students to show them the history of visual effects. A homage to all those magicians of the screen with a few tricks of their trade. More effects history in the rest of the post.A few of the techniques that changed cinema Stop Motion Trick photography Chromakey (green screen) Westworld (first computer graphics in a movie) Contour reality capture
Violenn Simon made a book full of drawings of which each drawing is a part of the song People Are Strange by The Doors. Bonus: The Doors - People Are Strange via suchablog
On June 27, 2008 the new Pixar movie Wall-E will be released. The movie is about a robot that lived alone for 700 years. But one day all of that changes. Pixar did a great job by making Wall-E a character that is very curious and not so smart. Besides the trailer I also added a short Wall-E animation. Wall-E Trailer
Funny, not so fresh, animation.
Fifty Percent Grey is a short animated film about a dead soldier arriving in heaven. If you don't like bloody shots then I advice you not to watch the clip. Fifty Percent Grey won Best Short Animated Film at the London Effects and Animation festival and was shown in the Sundance Film Festival. It's also one of 10 films under consideration for the best short Animated Film Oscar.
Power is ours to give away to institutions, not the other way round. But what does power look like now, and who holds it? Has the internet drained power from traditional institutions? What affects how young people develop into powerful citizens? To make sure people have power to shape their own lives, we need to understand how power works. (via inspiratieblog)
image At the beginning of 2007 the band Incubus held a contest which was called I Dig Incubus. Fans were asked to make a music video for the song 'Dig'. Both the band and the fans picked Carlos Oliveira's music video as the winner. Watch it here. Related News: - Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage - Emotional Asian 3D Music Video - The Dead - Billy Collins Animated Poetry
Here's another In Plain English animation. This time it shows you how the U.S. election process works.
What if each movement of your head was equal to a sound?
A funny little animation about Blanca who adores art but doesn't 'know' anything about it.
image One of the most impressive animations I have ever seen.

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I read the story, on which this animation is based, in a book. Can't remember which book it was but the story stuck in my head. I even told it to other people. Today I ran into an animation which tells the exact same story: The Good Life. A great way of telling what's really important in life. via zinfo
image This animation looks like it pops out of your screen. Nice work by Euro RSCG.

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Why We Drink

Free associations combined with graphs. The recipe for 'Why We Drink'. via infosthetics
Studio Smack is a collective of young artists searching for new esthetics and concepts. Three young graphic designers of Studio Smack made a film about legible signs in town. The typo-animation Kapitaal (Capital) is an impression of the enormous amount of visual stimuli that plague us every day. The amount is so big that its commercial effectiveness has become utterly dubious. via

Waking Life

Waking Life is a movie about a young man in a persistent lucid dream-like state. The entire film was shot using digital video and then a team of artists using computers drew stylized lines and colors over each frame. I haven't seen the full movie yet but these clips made it clear to me that it's certainly a movie that I have to check out. Thanks to grant for pointing it out to me. Fear Or Laziness Existentialism Lucid Dream Techniques Bonus: Movie Trailer

TV vs Computer

image Cool animation for MTV Overdrive about a TV getting mad at a PC. MTV Overdrive is an online on demand videoservice allowing viewers to create their own MTV whenever they want. Research has shown that a lot of young people spend more time online than they do watching TV. It's like the battle between TV and radio in the old days. The lyrics of this cover by the Presidents of the USA explain it all. Related News: - Rhythmic Video Projection On Building - Kapitaal - Visual Stimuli Overkill - Sigg Jones Animation By Supinfocom
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