Afgelopen woensdag was ik naar de bijeenkomst van de Social Media Club 073 geweest. In Den Bosch dus bij Theater aan de Parade. Voornaamste reden was dat ik erg benieuwd was naar de presentatie van Ron van der Sterren. Ron zou namelijk...
Prachtig gedaan! Film It Yourself laat je lekker schakelen tussen de videobeelden van gsm-camera's. Als we nu voortaan afspreken dat er maar 6 mensen hun gsm in de lucht houden tijdens een concert dan kan de rest gewoon van de muziek...
Design agency Bartproject made an interactive installation called Viso. It explores the possibility of animating images and interacting with them. Viso stimulates an active emotional and physical communication between the observer and a virtual personage: the silhouette of a woman's face.
The story Bandcamp isn’t yet another place to put your music. Rather, Bandcamp powers a site that’s yours. So instead of ads for Sexy Singles Chat, your fans see your design, your music, your URL. You retain all ownership rights, and Bandcamp just hangs out in the background handling the tech stuff. Why this story inspired me It shows that a bunch of dedicated people were able to come up with a solution for musicians around the world to start selling music in a professional and affiordable (free!) way. They don't charge bands that are selling small amounts and take a percentage from the sales that bands make that ARE selling a lot. Seems like a very reasonable way to do business, I'd say. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that more people will seize opportunities to get rid of old systems that are blocking creativity. A concept like Bandcamp proves it is possible to do this.
The story Google Goggles is a visual search app for Android phones. Instead of using words, take a picture of an object with your camera phone: Google Goggles attempts to recognize the object, and returns relevant search results. Goggles also provides information about businesses near you by displaying their names directly in the camera preview. Why this story inspired me Like other apps, for instance Layar, Google is now really starting to add all of the information on the web to real life objects. It brings the virtual and the real world together and in doing so it makes the world more transparent. Relevant information is instantly available. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that more companies will realize that the only way to be successful in the future is by being open.Bonus: Google Goggles visual search demo
image One of the hottest new applications of this moment must be Joost: a free, global broadband TV service. Less than a week ago I finally received my beta-version download-link. Should you be interested in testing/using Joost then leave a comment telling me why you should receive an invite. I will send Joost-invites to the 5 most original commenters. If you have no clue what Joost is about then check out the Joost commercial and the CBS preview video with V.P. David Clark. [b]Update:[/b] All 5 Joost invites have been given away. But perhaps you can get an invite from the people that I invited. Leave a friendly comment for your fellow Joost-testing Fresh Creators and you just might get lucky. :-) Related News: - - Turn Your Browser Into A TV Channel - Browse The Web On Your TV - Steve Jobs Presents Apple iTV
Visit Webcamtastic (beta-version) if you are not satisfied with the shape of your own face. Or if you just want to have some fun. Webcamtastic offers you all kinds of tools and features to manipulate your face. When you find your perfect shape you can save the image and have it sent to you by e-mail. Webcam required!
Recently more and more people are asking me why I don't Twitter. I still haven't made up my mind yet. The thing is that I'm looking for less information/communication stress and Twitter doesn't seem to help me achieve that goal. It just adds to it. But if you have a good reason why I should use it then let me know. In the meantime watch this great animation about a young man who struggles against the pressure to Twitter his life away. Twitter in Plain English
image Here's a new way of getting music on your mobile: MusicStation. Its makers claim it will be a rival to iTunes on the iPhone. Watch the video. via Related News: - Interactive iPhone Advertisement - The Apple iPhone Unveiled - Documentary - The iPod Revolution
image Is there a way to combine your cell phone, graffiti art and Google Maps? Yes, it's called The Voice Of The Street. This is a platform that enables street artists to get in contact with the observers of their work, simple and anonymous, by using cellphones. Watch the video to see how it works.

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If you have an iPhone you can now start to build your own Lego character, a 3D Lego building or play Lego games with Lego Touch. Pick the colour of the bricks, drag and drop, post your creations online. Watch the video for a demo. Thanks to Henk Jan for the tip!
I would like to give this game a try. It's called Dagaz and it trains your meditation level. The combination of gaming and meditation still strikes me as odd though. But perhaps that's just my narrow mind. ;-) Watch the video to...
image Here's a video of the Airport Buddy, a demo application which shows the benefits of having a flight ticket on your mobile. For example: automatic updates of flight details in case of a delay, picking/changing your seat with your mobile. I shot the video at Working Tomorrow, the Dutch graduation program of LogicaCMG. Watch the video. Bonus video: 5000 people using mobile ticketing at HMH Related News: - Mobility In 2010 According To NTT DoCoMo - What Aircrafts Will Look Like In 2030 - Fly For Fortune
Eergisteren heb ik deze presentatie van Nick Campbell gekeken. Een boeiend verhaal over de mogelijkheden die de digitale creatieven nu hebben. Maar dat juist die mogelijkheden sommigen tot stilstand brengen. Want iedereen kan tegenwoordig fotograferen, een video schieten, een boek schrijven, een...
Last year I posted a documentary about the pros and cons of Wikipedia. Michael Scott sums this 48 minute documentary up in 13 seconds.
Here's a video of an outdoor campaign for Google Video. The seethrough billboards are very cool, I think. Like expected, Google is entering the real world. via dutch cowboys
image XS2theWorld introduces the first Chinese speaking cityguide for your mobile phone: XS2China. This new service is very handy for tourists who have a hard time looking up and pronouncing Chinese. You can let your mobile do the talking for you. For instance if you want to tell your cabdriver where to go. Watch the video to see that it works. via Related News: - Socialight - Virtual Sticky Notes On Your Mobile - Nokia - A View Of The Future - First Mobile Device With Folding Screen
image Rein, a student at the Working Tomorrow graduation program, gives us a demo of how you can create a coloured barcode and scan it with your mobile. By adding colour the information capacity of the barcode increases. This leads to many new ways of using the barcode. For instance: put a coloured barcode on a poster, scan it with your mobile and directly get the ringtone of that particular brand on your phone. Other creative suggestions? Leave a comment.

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image In 1978, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a professional Formula 1 racer, drive at breakneck speed through the heart of Paris. Now, in 2007, you can see the driver race through the streets of Paris and follow his moves on Google Maps at the same time. Go to the website, read 'how this works' and let the fun begin.Bonus video: The clip that was used for the video/Google Maps combination Thanks to Henk Jan for the tip! Related News: - Web 2.0 Explained In Less Than 5 Minutes - Program Your BMW Navigation With Google Maps - Real-time Train Map
Interview met internet-ondernemer Boris Veldhuijsen van Zanten. Over zijn eerste startups, de successen, de blunders en inspiratie. En uiteraard het advies: ga het gewoon doen. Dus niet alles tot in de puntjes uitwerken en dan lanceren, maar eerst lanceren en dan verder...
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