image In the video you see how you are now able to create 3D models by simply adding lines to objects in videos. The software program which makes all this possible is called Video Trace. Impressive. And it looks so easy. via in10

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Zillow, a real estate searchengine, launches a new 3D viewing application based on Microsoft Live
image Here's some interesting news for all those who keep up with this site using the Fresh Creation RSS-feed. A new feedreader is about to be launched: Streamy. At the moment they're still testing it but the Streamy demo video shows a lot of promising features. via

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Prachtig gedaan! Film It Yourself laat je lekker schakelen tussen de videobeelden van gsm-camera's. Als we nu voortaan afspreken dat er maar 6 mensen hun gsm in de lucht houden tijdens een concert dan kan de rest gewoon van de muziek...
image Finally someone decided to make a Digg about advertising: Advert Lover. Advert Lover is about finding the latest and best advertising related content. Members of Advert Lover can submit articles. Submitted articles can get voted on by the Advert Lover community. The articles with the highest amount of votes are an indication for the best campaigns. via Related News: - Outnumbers - Deleting Digg Stories - The Digg Experiment
Eergisteren heb ik deze presentatie van Nick Campbell gekeken. Een boeiend verhaal over de mogelijkheden die de digitale creatieven nu hebben. Maar dat juist die mogelijkheden sommigen tot stilstand brengen. Want iedereen kan tegenwoordig fotograferen, een video schieten, een boek schrijven, een...
Every time YouTube is 'out of service' loads of weblogs are left with 'empty white boxes' on their pages which used to show the videos hosted by YouTube. Since YouTube seems to be 'out of service' more and more frequently this problem is growing.[b]Why Weblogs Suffer[/b] YouTube is the website where I find most of the videos that I show on Fresh Creation. But when YouTube goes down, Fresh Creation is suffering because visitors don't get what they came for. This damages the image that people had of Fresh Creation. There's a big chance that those people won't return to this weblog because of that. This means less clicks on the Google Ads and less money earned at the end of the day. [b]What YouTube Should Do[/b] Since YouTube is used by weblogs all over the world, their 'out of service' problem causes gigantic losses in income and in image-building by those weblogs. The least YouTube could do is show a message in those 'empty white boxes' on the weblogs saying that YouTube is temporarily out of service. This makes clear to the visitors of weblogs that the weblog itself is not having problems but YouTube is. This will make visitors understand the situation better and make them come back for more later on and, so, reduce the amount of money lost by weblogs when YouTube is down. Naturally, the best thing for YouTube to do is not to be out of service at all. But let's take things step by step. ;-) Related: - YouTube
Dataportability is about maintaining your online identity in one specific place. This means that you don't have to fill out register forms anymore, that you upload your avatars, videos and photos only once and it also means that you decide who gets to access what. A dream come true. This nice typographic video tells the dataportability story. via marketingfacts
Sometimes the developments in technology just go one step too far...
Google is asking you to help and share ideas to make browsing the web as fast as turning the pages of a magazine. If you compare the internet speed in the 'old ages' to what it is now, then we have come a long way. But the need for speed continues now that iPhone users are uploading videos and the need for high quality online video is rising. (via extend limits)
This mobile phone features biometrics and Near Field Communication (NFC). The biometric part means that it recognizes your fingerprint and will only do certain actions in case your fingerprint is detected. NFC allows you to make payments in a real shop straight from your mobile. No more creditcards or other stuff that you need to carry with you. Just your phone.
I'm a big fan of Ze Frank. During this talk he presents some of his online projects. All of them are about creativity, connecting on a deep level and sharing.
This 50 minutes documentary gives an in-depth look in the world of Google and search. Google is divulging ever more information, in the process hiring the smartest people in the industry. But is the company aware of the responsibility it has, being the guard to all the world's information, including personal information about its users?
Interview met internet-ondernemer Boris Veldhuijsen van Zanten. Over zijn eerste startups, de successen, de blunders en inspiratie. En uiteraard het advies: ga het gewoon doen. Dus niet alles tot in de puntjes uitwerken en dan lanceren, maar eerst lanceren en dan verder...
Afgelopen woensdag was ik naar de bijeenkomst van de Social Media Club 073 geweest. In Den Bosch dus bij Theater aan de Parade. Voornaamste reden was dat ik erg benieuwd was naar de presentatie van Ron van der Sterren. Ron zou namelijk...
Design agency Bartproject made an interactive installation called Viso. It explores the possibility of animating images and interacting with them. Viso stimulates an active emotional and physical communication between the observer and a virtual personage: the silhouette of a woman's face.
Ejamming is a software tool which allows musicians to jam and rehearse online in realtime. The video gives you an idea of what this looks like. Related News: - Surf The Web On A Fender Intel Guitar - LivePlasma Music And Video Mapping - The Best Fatboy Slim Videoclips
Fresh Creation has gone through some changes. Since this site is all about inspiring people by showing them great ideas, the focus of the site should also be on those ideas. That's why I gave the site a cleaner...
The story Bandcamp isn’t yet another place to put your music. Rather, Bandcamp powers a site that’s yours. So instead of ads for Sexy Singles Chat, your fans see your design, your music, your URL. You retain all ownership rights, and Bandcamp just hangs out in the background handling the tech stuff. Why this story inspired me It shows that a bunch of dedicated people were able to come up with a solution for musicians around the world to start selling music in a professional and affiordable (free!) way. They don't charge bands that are selling small amounts and take a percentage from the sales that bands make that ARE selling a lot. Seems like a very reasonable way to do business, I'd say. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that more people will seize opportunities to get rid of old systems that are blocking creativity. A concept like Bandcamp proves it is possible to do this.
Scrambled Hackz is a software program which allows you to manipulate audio and video by using your own voice. In the video above Sven Konig, creator of the software, explains how it works. The video is pretty long but it is interesting to watch. via
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