Vanaf donderdag vindt het Bosch Art Film festival in de Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch plaats. Tijdens dat festival wordt onder andere de documentaire My Playground vertoont. "The film explores the way Parkour and Freerunning is changing the perception of urban space...
Prachtige beelden... Het gaf me ook het gevoel van 'Wat maken we ons toch allemaal druk?' Al die mensjes die je als mieren over het beeld ziet schieten. Allemaal onderweg.
Sinds iets meer dan een maand staat er een engel met een GSM op de Sint Jan in Den Bosch. Nu is een engel met een GSM al opvallend, maar er is meer.... De engel heeft namelijk ook een eigen website...
Bijna 50 jaar geleden wordt een Spaanse monnik verbannen uit het klooster waar hij verblijft. Hij besluit wat land dat hij bezit te verkopen. Van de opbrengst begint hij zijn eigen kathedraal te bouwen. Zonder enige ervaring. Sindsdien is hij nooit meer gestopt...
The story With their projects all over the world, architect agency MVRDV shows how they live up to the challenges to come up with original solutions for intensified use of space by combining a variety of functions. Why this story inspired...
Recent news report about a kind of green housing called Earthships. Earthships are made from trash and are completely off the grid. There is also a good documentary called Garbage Warrior about the recent history of Earthships.Garbage Warrior movie trailer
Trailer for the film Visual Acoustics. It's a documentary about the photographer Julius Shulman. Julius is known for his images of modern architecture.
Interview with the creator of Modern Cabana, a small prefab living space. Prefabrication is very green because it uses less energy. There was a lack of modern designs in prefabs until just recently when the green revolution sparked demand.
The Wall House is probably the greatest achievement in architecture of the last 50 years. The video includes an interview with the architects and a look at the house itself. Bonus: Interview with Marc Frohn
The new website Dutch Profiles has a short documentary about artist Dick Bruna. The video includes an interview where Dick talks about the inspirations for and how he creates his iconic children's character, Miffy. You will be surprised at the amount of thinking that goes into the making of a children's book. The full post includes another interview with Dick and another Dutch Profile video.Bonus: Another interview with Dick Bruna Dutch Profiles Willem van der Sluis
CNN has three new videos of architect Kengo Kuma (one above, two more in the full post). Of all his designs, Kengo's favourite is a house made completely of bamboo, which he talks about in the video. Kengo also talks about his reason for getting into architecture, his personal history as an architect in Japan and how all of this influenced his work. Kengo often talks to young architects and he has really good lessons to inpart.Reclaiming tradition Sensitive design
Sweden is known for art and design. Dave could care less. A Swedish tourism web site, however, is giving Dave a platform. Pretty funny. (via not cot)
Shipping containers are being reused as housing. It's green because the technique reuses something that is plentiful and often single use. Architects like Adam Kalkin are really inspired by the trend.
There is a passive home revolution going on. But what is a passive home? CNN explains that it's a kind of house with features like thick walls that lowers heating cost.
Dwell interview with landscape architect Andrea Cochran. Her favorite material right now is a kind of steel that lets her "draw on the land". Her designs for spaces are really amazing. Bonus: Dwell interviews Ken Isaacs
Interview with the landscape architect behind a 6 acre living roof for the Vancouver BC Convention Centre. He says if every building in that area had living roofs, some of the displaced wild life could return.
Video about a house powered by the sun called REFRACT. It's an entry in the Solar Decathlon, a Department of Energy sponsored contest of solar home designs.
CNN interview with architect Rem Koolhaas. Even though Rem is being recognized for doing amazing things, he is very modest. In everything he makes he gets to the very core of what the building is about. Part 2 and 3 are a part of the full post.Part 2 Part 3
Richard Goodwin creates art that is attached to the side of buildings. That's just an appetizer because Richard also imagines a future where cities have multiple, ground planes like ones used by some trains today. Public space, says Richard, is the complete reverse envelope of buildings and must be claimed for people.
I want Vodafone's new solar mobile home! It has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and two beds upstairs. It's currently vacationing with a family of four in Spain. So, the closest I can get is the making of video above and a photosynth that's part of the full post. (via jetson green).
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