Sweden is known for art and design. Dave could care less. A Swedish tourism web site, however, is giving Dave a platform. Pretty funny. (via not cot)
CNN interview with architect Rem Koolhaas. Even though Rem is being recognized for doing amazing things, he is very modest. In everything he makes he gets to the very core of what the building is about. Part 2 and 3 are a part of the full post.Part 2 Part 3
This Dynamic Architecture building by David Fisher will be constantly in motion changing its shape. It will also generate electric energy for itself. The presentation of the building is really over the top but that doesn't stop this building from being a pretty interesting concept.
image Here's part 1 of a documentary about an impressive, gigantic pyramid which Japanese engineers have proposed to be built in Tokyo Bay. It's a whole city inside a pyramid. Watch the video. via Related News: - Grand Canyon Skywalk - Frank Lloyd Wright - World's Greatest Architect - London 2012
The facade of this building seems to be a mix of this mirror installation, this reactive wall and this digital sculpture. I wonder what it would look like if they would put mirrors on the building instead of the metal flake bodies that they used.
The story With their projects all over the world, architect agency MVRDV shows how they live up to the challenges to come up with original solutions for intensified use of space by combining a variety of functions. Why this story inspired...
I want Vodafone's new solar mobile home! It has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and two beds upstairs. It's currently vacationing with a family of four in Spain. So, the closest I can get is the making of video above and a photosynth that's part of the full post. (via jetson green).
A great new green public space is added to New York: The High Line.
image Wow! This water park is huge. It's called Ocean Dome and it's located in the Seagaia Resort in Japan. In a water park like this you don't need dynamite to surf. You just grab your Santa suit and ride those waves. via techeblog

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The Wall House is probably the greatest achievement in architecture of the last 50 years. The video includes an interview with the architects and a look at the house itself. Bonus: Interview with Marc Frohn
image The Grand Canyon Skywalk is the glass bridge suspended 4.000 feet (1.219 meters) above the canyon. The horseshoe shaped bridge protrudes 65 (20 meters) feet from the edge of the canyon. Watch the videos. Related News: - Frank Lloyd Wright - World's Greatest Architect - London 2012 - State Street Village
Sinds iets meer dan een maand staat er een engel met een GSM op de Sint Jan in Den Bosch. Nu is een engel met een GSM al opvallend, maar er is meer.... De engel heeft namelijk ook een eigen website...
The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) believed that nothing in the world is so powerful as an idea. Inspiration for an idea can come from many sources: from people, from events or works of art. Here's a preview...
CNN has three new videos of architect Kengo Kuma (one above, two more in the full post). Of all his designs, Kengo's favourite is a house made completely of bamboo, which he talks about in the video. Kengo also talks about his reason for getting into architecture, his personal history as an architect in Japan and how all of this influenced his work. Kengo often talks to young architects and he has really good lessons to inpart.Reclaiming tradition Sensitive design
On a remote island near the North Pole, scientists have built a giant freezer designed to preserve millions of seeds in the event of a global catastrophe.
image The Milwaukee Art Museum looks amazing. The structure contains a moveable, wing-like brise soleil which opens up for a wingspan of 217 feet during the day, folding over the tall, arched structure at night or during inclement weather.

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Here's a guy that owns so many Lamborghinis that he had to figure out how to store them. Here's his solution: An underground 'batcave' in front of his house. via techeblog
Recent news report about a kind of green housing called Earthships. Earthships are made from trash and are completely off the grid. There is also a good documentary called Garbage Warrior about the recent history of Earthships.Garbage Warrior movie trailer
Dwell interview with landscape architect Andrea Cochran. Her favorite material right now is a kind of steel that lets her "draw on the land". Her designs for spaces are really amazing. Bonus: Dwell interviews Ken Isaacs
Here's a great demo of the way that nowadays architects can present their proposals for future buildings. This specific video is made by the Office for Metroplitan Architecture from Rotterdam (Holland). Skip the first minute of video if you want to see the future Museum Plaza getting integrated into its natural Louisville environment. Impressive. PS The same video as presented above is integrated into this presentation by Joshua Prince-Ramus, who previously was the U.S. Director of the Office of Metropolitan Architecture.
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