Maybach 62 S

image Maybach makes ultra luxurious cars. The video of the new Maybach 62 S shows you what that means. It's got 612 bhp, a 6.0 liter engine and it goes from 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds. In Holland the 62 S will be available for about 713.000 euro (930.000 dollar). via Maybach 62 S in Dubai Related News: - Maybach Excelero Concept Car - BMW M6 Convertible - Supercar Slideshow
This video shows how Volkswagen has integrated the iPod in its dashboard and uses the Gypsy interface to control all audio, email, phonecalls and more. Related News: - BMW And Toyota Park Themselves - The Apple Commercials Archive
The Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel, a Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion and a sexy looking Saab hybrid car are some of the cars that were on display during the Sexy Green Car Show in the UK. Here's two videos that give you an impression of nowadays and future green cars.
The Tesla Roadster is the first all electric vehicle with gasoline engine performance. It goes from 0-60mph in 4 seconds and it can drive 250 miles per batterycharge. It also has satnav, airconditioning and all other features that you...
The technology to produce fuel-efficient cars was already available decades ago. Nowadays consumers are looking for more fuel efficiency. Why then, does it take so long before we can buy these cars and drive around cheap and environmentally friendly? This Dutch documentary, which is in English for the biggest part, tells us the sad story of how the huge car and oil companies are blocking innovation. But small companies and individual projects are not waiting for them anymore. A must see!
A review of the Toyota FJ Cruiser by CarTV: "The FJ Cruiser is the coolest, most unapologetic vehicle ever built by Toyota, a bold SUV not for everyone but it could be, given its off-road prowess, capable engine, interesting interior, and exciting design. About that design: that's another thing that's refreshing when an automaker keeps to the original concept of a car and creates a really cool vehicle."
image Not long ago I reported about the car that can drive itself. Well, here's a video of a race between cars that don't have drivers inside of them. VW's Electronics Research Lab built "Stanley", the defending world champion in the DARPA Grand Challenge for autonomous cars. The ERL also retrofitted "The Chameleon", a 60s-style van with innovations seen nowhere else. Rick Chavez reports for CNBC Europe on the new technology breakthroughs. Related News: - Insane Pimped Car - First Video Of Renault Nepta Conceptcar - Eliica - Eight Wheeled 800bhp Electric Car
image First we saw a short glimpse of it in the Casino Royale Bond movie. Now you can have a proper look. Nearly two minutes of Aston Martin DBS footage. Enjoy! Bonus video: Aston Martin DBS slideshow via

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This watercar, or amphibious vehicle as some people like to call it, reaches great speeds and at the same time it looks like it appeared on the show 'Pimp My Amphibious Vehicle'. via Related News: - GM HyWire - Car Of The Future - Pimped Three Wheeler Superbike - The Aquaskipper - Chrysler Tomahawk Concept Bike
The Mercedes Benz S-Class is the car that shows which features other cars will have in the near future. Radar guided cruise control, automated breaking force, headlamps that come on automatically, voice recognition, infrared camera, DVD player, surround sound and even digital television reception. Besides this it received an environmental certificate because the car is so ethically built: lots of recycled materials and an engine that burns its fuel very cleanly. Bonus: The disastrous press demonstration of the Mercedes S-Class
image MSN Cars shows us the BMW Z4 M Coupe. This two-seater is powered by the same prize-winning 3.2-litre straight-six M engine also featured in the BMW M3 and the BMW Z4 Roadster. I've seen the Z4 on the road a few times now and I'm still trying to figure out if I like the looks of it. Watch the video. Related News: - Virtually Driving A Real BMW M3 - Hightech BMW Salestool - Program Your BMW Navigation With Google Maps

Big Pimpin

Quote: Becker Jet Vans are created with the same objectives employed in the most advanced private aircraft; offering maximum interior spacious, luxury, comfort and utility. This means extremely comfortable leather seats, 5.1 home theater system, broadband internet and a fridge on board of your very own big pimpin van. Check out the pics on the website of Beck Jet Vans (downloading may take some time).

Fiat 500 vs Mini

I have posted a video of the new Mini before and also of the new Fiat 500. But what happens if you let these cars have a go around the track. That's exactly what they did at Fifth Gear. Watch the video to see the result. via autoblog
Gisteren liep ik stomtoevallig tegen een verzameling bloedmooie auto's aan op de Parade in Den Bosch. Het ging om de Jeroen Bosch Rally 2011. Een tweedaagse rit die startte en eindigde in Den Bosch. Dus snel maar even naar huis gegaan, m'n...
image MSN Cars tests the new Mini Clubman Cooper S. I still like the design of the old Mini, I think the new design is over the top. Especially the interior with that huge speedometer in the middle. In the Clubman version they went a step furtther and added a suicide door. The good thing is that Mini has the balls to make a car like this. I can only compliment them for that. You like it or dislike it. Better than all those cars out there that nobody even notices.

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image The perfect roads of the desert close to Dubai are the ideal place for the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition to show its outstanding performance skills. Bad news for those who consider buying one: The 722 edition is already sold out. Watch the video here. Related News: - NAIAS 2007 Highlights - Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe - Top Gear - Porsche Carrera GT
Volvo is working on an advanced system which makes a car brake automatically in case of dangerous situations. The system is still in a concept phase but the video already shows a Volvo with an up and running version of this unique system. Related News: - Toyota And BMW Park Themselves - BMW Assist - Connected Drive - Top 10 Strangest Lego Creations
image The body of the Peugeot 907 concept car is made out of carbon fiber. The car is not meant to go into production, but just to be a prototype for featuring Peugeot's new designing techniques. Though I am not a fan of the 'big smile' front, the rest of the car does look great. Related News: - Peugeot 20 Cup - Half Car, Half Motorbike - Peugeot 207 EPURE - Volvo C30 - Volvo C70 - Peugeot 206 And 307 HDI Commercial
image Just like the Audi RSQ and the Scoot, this professional Soap Box Racer was also on display at the Design On Wheels Show. Watch the Soap Box Racer by Marijn van der Poll in this short clip.On his website Marijn writes: "The Soap Box Racer is, like it suggests, inspired on a soap box. The realization of a boyhood dream that brings back the car to it's true essence. The romance of the technique and the accessibility of a four wheeled box you made with your father in the garage. Away with cupholders and dvd players. Take to the road with an open one seater. With the asfalt rushing by underneath and the wind in your hair." Related News: - Car Race Without Drivers - Nissan Pivo Electric Car Concept - The Bionic Dolphin
Yesterday I saw an amazing thing on tv: a Toyota Prius that was parking itself! The only thing the driver did was selecting the spot where he wanted to park the car (using the dashboard computer) and handle the brakes while parking. BMW is introducing the same techniques as you can see in the video above.The automatic parking system on the Toyota Prius is called Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA) and has been implemented since 2003. Unfortunately this version of the Prius was only sold in Japan where 80% of the buyers opted for a Prius with IPA. With the introduction of the 2006 Toyota Prius it also becomes possible to buy a Prius with IPA in other countries. Here's a short movie which shows a journalist parking the Prius while keeping his hands out of the window.
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