deel 1 van de documentaire, scroll naar beneden voor deel 2 t/m 5 Eindelijk heb ik een documentaire gevonden die laat zien hoe onderwijs kan zijn: Menselijk. In deze documentaire zie je hoe kinderen van 10 jaar oud leren om gelukkig te...
Josep "Pep" Guardiola wanted to help his FC Barcelona players to visualize winning the final Champions League match against Manchester United. Before the match he showed his team a video he made together with Catalonian TV. The video evolves...
The story This feature documentary by Sylvie Van Brabant introduces Mikael Rioux, a young Québécois activist who founded Échofête, Quebecs first environmental festival. Spurred by his passionate concern for the world his son will inherit, Rioux goes on a global quest to meet 7 visionaries with concrete solutions to ecological problems. Together, they offer a survival guide for our planet and a journey back to hope. Why this story inspired me In the trailer you can hear the quote "We need to change our mindset". To me that quote is very inspiring because I think that's indeed the main thing that needs to happen: Looking at the world from a different perspective. I am sure all problems in the world can be solved if we start looking at it in a different way. Not 'me and you' but 'us'. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that more people will start to notice what it is that they can do for the world. Every small action can lead to great things.
Als ik de tweets op twitter moet geloven dan is iedereen ontzettend goed bezig. Veel afspraken, veel leuke projecten, veel feesten, veel uitjes met vrienden... Zelden zie ik een tweet met 'er komt vandaag niets uit mijn handen'. Of 'totaal geen zin...
Milton Glaser, the voice in the video as a hand draws a picture of Shakespeare, says the act of drawing makes him look at things, drawing makes him see, he concludes. In short, drawing is thinking, it makes you conscious. (via drawn)
Waiting For Superman is a documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim. It shows why the education system in the USA needs to change.
Gisteren heb ik de presentatie over conflicten bijgewoond van Frank van Rooy en Edward Stronach Hardy. Deze werd gegeven bij OndernemersRijk in Den Bosch. Hoogtepunten uit de presentatie vond ik de titel van bovenstaand lijstje... En onderstaande video die laat zien hoe...
Clickable interview with Heidi Dangelmaier of 3iying, an all-girl innovation agency. Heidi talks about feeling like an outsider in an almost all male robotics Phd program and how she used that feeling to help others feel included.
The story For almost three decades, John Francis has been a planetwalker, traveling the globe by foot and sail with a message of environmental respect and responsibility. For 17 of those years without speaking. Why this story inspired me It shows what the actions of one man can lead to if he chooses to follow his instincts. Not knowing where his journey will take him but being interested in the journey. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that more people become aware of their own potential to really make a difference.
image David Allen talks about Getting Things Done (GTD) at Google. During his 45 minute presentation he shows us, in rough outlines, how we can get control over the things we think about and the things we do. via core77

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- Innovation At Google - The Story Of Stuff - Increase Creativity By Slowing Down
Banksy laat weer van zich horen. Dit keer via bovenstaande documentaire over mensen die dingen doen buiten het systeem om. Veel bekende figuren komen voorbij zoals The Yes Men en Remi Gaillard
  Aanstaande vrijdag geef ik een presentatie op de Kansdenkdag. Om alvast in de stemming te komen heb ik Willemijn Smeets aan het einde van een mooie, regenachtige middag kort geïnterviewd over haar kijk op kansen.
Animated bicycle messengers weave between the live action streets of New York City, highlighting the peculiar relationship between messengers and the contemporary city in which they operate.
Skip the first 6 minutes of the video above and then listen very carefully. It was taken from the show Hilarious by comedian Louis CK. A must see for (future) parents all over the world. Make sure to check out the other...
We would be remiss if we did not mention the financial crisis. Crisis, like getting fired, can be seen as an opportunity. That's how the people in this Newshour piece called Jobless Find Creative Voice saw things.

Kids + Money

This seems like an interesting documentary: "Only in L.A. can a 14-year-old rationalize dropping a grand on a purse. Kids from both pampered and poor neighbourhoods discuss the pressures of money - getting it, spending it and learning to live without it." Watch the trailer. Bonus video: Interview with the maker Thanks to Linton for the tip!
Petrea King, founder and CEO of The Quest for Life Foundation, argues the pursuit of happiness is making us all miserable. "Happiness is found in the present moment," she says. "That's where life is, love is." The message may not be new but the way she presents this message is certainly worth 7 minutes of your time.
Voor sommige product-categorieën geldt dat ze met opzet van slechte kwaliteit gemaakt worden. De gedachte is dan dat die producten 'mode-gevoelig' zijn en dus ook geen hoge kwaliteit hoeven te hebben. Toch zijn er ook producenten die heel bewust kijken hoe...
The story Don Tapscott says that we're living in a time where huge changes occur. A paradigm shift is happening. The end of all institutions as we know them. A chance for 'digital natives' to use their new way of...
What a great idea: For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need. This video documents the first TOMS Shoe Drop in Argentina in October 2006. via swiss miss
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