Sing It Out Loud

This clip has been a real 'friend' to me the last month or so. Each time I played it I just had to smile. ...and sing along. The story behind the video is in the full post. Have a great weekend!
Twee weken geleden had ik even met Jasper afgesproken bij Seats2Meet in Den Bosch. Aan het einde van ons gesprek vroeg ik hem of ik hem nog ergens mee kon helpen. Dat kon. Hij zei dat hij bezig was met 'mini-protesting'... Terwijl hij...
This robotic horse is crazy. It looks like someone found loads of stuff at the car graveyard and put it together in the shape of a horse. The horse blows fire through his nose and seems to be better at scaring kids than at entertaining them. Have a good weekend!
Friday. Time for some fun. Here's a whole series of movies in 30 seconds. Rocky, Titanic, The Exorcist, Jaws and Alien. Enjoy and have a good weekend!Rocky In 30 Seconds Titanic In 30 Seconds The Exorcist In 30 Seconds Alien In 30 Seconds Jaws In 30 Seconds
Yes, again Friday fun with the Death Star. Only this time it's not in the Death Star canteen. This time they're discussing marketing issues. Have a good weekend! via core77
If you're male and if you own a BMW Z3 then you'd better check which version you have. Cause according to this measurer the type of Z3 you own says a lot about ... . Well, you get the picture. Related: - Making Of BMW 1 Kermit Commercial - BMW Night Vision - BMW Assist - Connected Drive - Toyota And BMW Park Themselves
image Dandruff can be quite handy in some occasions.... via Last week in Since It's Friday: The Vegetable Orchestra
I passed the first part of the test but failed the second part. via in10
Friday fun... The website Do The Green Thing tells you why you should stick with what you got. To support this message they made loads of videos. I selected 3 of them for you: 1) Buy An Old Thing, 2) The Old Thing Slide Show, 3) Why The Apple MacBook Air Is Not Essential. Have a good weekend!Buy An Old Thing The Old Things Slide Show Why The Apple MacBook Air Is Not Essential Thanks to Piet for the tip!
image The rental rates of apartments in Tel Aviv have gone up so high that creative company VeeCee was forced to take extreme actions to make the rates go down again. They did what any other creative company would have done in such a situation: put prostitutes in the area so prices of apartments would lower. Watch the video. via Related News: - Ads On Prostitutes - Kodak Assvertising - Stripping In 3D
image Here's a Dutch guy who sets the timer on his camera for 2 seconds and runs as far as he can. Watch the results on Running from Camera. This blog made it to number 3 of THE 9 on Yahoo! and is made by a colleague of mine who also made this waterfountain pipe organ.Related News: - Motivation Songs That Make You Want To Quit - Christmas Lights Gone Wild - Konopizza
image I'm a big fan of The Office (the English version) and this weekend I'm going to watch the movie 300. If you combine these two you end up with 305. A mockumentary detailing the five almost brave Spartans charged with guarding a goat path. Watch the video. Last week in Since It's Friday: Handy Dandruff
Erbert & Gerbert's has been making Subs Worth Discovering for 20 years. To celebrate this, world’s largest air vortex cannon was built to blow out candles on a cake 180 feet (54.8 meters) away. Bonus: Behind the scenes video of the Candle Cannon
image The Since It's Friday posts are all about fresh creations that shouldn't be taken too seriously. This time we go back to the main scene of the movie Flashdance. But instead of a girl there's two guys. The 118118 guys (who we have seen before on Fresh Creation). Watch the video. Bonus video: The original music video of the song Maniac via Last week in Since It's Friday: Cardboard Cars
"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them..... and then there are others" Meet Harvie Krumpet.
Een kijkje achter de schermen bij The Simpsons. Chris Martin, zanger van de band Coldplay, spreekt zijn stem in voor de serie. Mooi om te merken dat 'Homer' er tijdens de opnames op los improviseert. :)
Is weer eens wat anders dan simpelweg je hand ophouden. ;-)
image Optical illusions add an extra wonder to the wonder of Wonderbra. via numero venti Last time in Since It's Friday: What I Want For Christmas
Voor al die mensen die het beu zijn om telkens weer een oranje Oranje-shirt aan te moeten tijdens het WK heeft martijnvanosch iets nieuws bedacht: donkerbruine Oranje-shirts. De donkerbruine Oranje-shirts zijn te bestellen in het donkerbruin, rood, blauw, groen...
A little film about a man who validates parking tickets. While doing this he tells all people that show up at his counter how great they are. Though the story is too sweet for me, I do believe in the message of the story: Just by seeing the good in people you can have a genuine positive influence on their lives. via jasper van impelen
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