Er zijn al meerdere filmpjes gemaakt die het online leven in de echte wereld plaatsen. Deze uitvoering vond ik toch wel erg sterk. Het laat de absurditeit van de communicatie en interactie op Facebook en Twitter zien. Of misschien laat het juist...
Jenny L. Chowdhury created this Cellbooth because she "desired to recreate the illusion of privacy and stillness afforded by oldschool, 4-walled phone booths, but also to update the booth as a portable object that would fit into a modern life." The deliberate nature of setting up this portable phone booth and standing in place while one talks enforces the idea that the call is important. The booth is made from merchant bags from China to denote its nomadic quality. Straps make the booth easy to carry on one's back and there's also a small pocket to store your cell phone.
image Apparently this clip of a guy on a flying carpet train was shot in Istanbul. I'm wondering how he makes the 'carpet' move forward. Related News: - Top Gear - The Fastest Stupid Car Ever - Elvis The RoboCat - CHiPs Intro
See what happens when 'Sleepless In Seattle' gets the recut trailer treatment. All of a sudden it looks like a horror movie about a ruthless stalker (Meg Ryan). Edited by Demis Lyall-Wilson of Related: - George Bush And Tony Blair - Endless Love - The Real Life Simpsons Intro - Honda Civic Commercial Parody - Killer Bean - The Matrix / John Woo Style
Voor al die mensen die het beu zijn om telkens weer een oranje Oranje-shirt aan te moeten tijdens het WK heeft martijnvanosch iets nieuws bedacht: donkerbruine Oranje-shirts. De donkerbruine Oranje-shirts zijn te bestellen in het donkerbruin, rood, blauw, groen...
Vandaag kwam er een pakje binnen met daarop bovenstaande tekst. Mooi als kiezen zo makkelijk wordt gemaakt. ;-)
image Innovation company ?Whatif! has its own way of wishing you a happy Christmas. Watch the video. Related News: - Jolly Good Christmas - Post It Jesus Christ - Controversial The Da Vinci Code Ad
image Livio De Marchi is the only man who drives a car in Venice. The artist has sculpted a full size Ferrari F50 boat out of wood. It floats on water, enabling him to drive around the many canals in his home town of Venice, much to the delight of tourists and locals. Watch the video. Related News: - Car Runs On Water - Jeep Waterfall - Silvestris Design Cabriolet Speedboat
It's Friday. Time for a creation of a not so serious kind. I think this music video for a song by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim lives up to that description. Enjoy and have a good weekend!


The Karmasheetra is more than just a sheet. Check out the website and see for yourself why.
Een ritje naar school kan geweldig zijn als je een vader hebt die Queen-fan is. Let vooral op het kleine jongetje op de achterbank. Mooi... :)
image In Denmark they came up with an unusual solution for making the traffic slow down: they added naked girls which are called The Speedbandits. Probably a hoax but don't let that keep you from watching the video. via Related News: - This Girl Really Loves Fresh Creation - Why You Shouldn't Have Cybersex - Sexy Ironing Instructions
Hey Beatrix, Hoe is het? Ga je binnenkort nog met vakantie? Ik las vanochtend op dat je niet van plan bent salaris in te leveren. Grappig dat je dat als koningin over je eigen salaris kan zeggen!!! :-) En dat terwijl het eigenlijk...
Various Americans are interviewed about art. Animated by Aardman. If you like this clip you'll also love this one.
image Here's the solution if you're not satisfied with the size of your logo: Make My Logo Bigger Cream. Simply put the cream on your logo and watch it grow. Have a good weekend! Thanks to Piet for the tip. Last week in Since It's Friday: Piss To Start
Hieronder zie je het resultaat van de finale van Cabaretesk 2010 van gisteravond. De publieksprijs (dat is die lichtgevende paddestoel ;-) ) EN de juryprijs (de Gouden Kabouter) staan hier nu samen in mijn kamer te pronken. Wat een...
Time for some Friday fun. Monty Python shows us an exciting match of international philosophy. Enjoy your weekend! Thanks to Linton for the tip!
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