Aanstaande maandag gaat SnappCar van start. Een site waar particulieren auto's van en aan elkaar kunnen (ver)huren. De vraag die ik vorig jaar stelde wordt nu dus beantwoord. Cool! Aan het team van SnappCar: Veel plezier en maak er iets moois van!
Philippe Holthuizen and Rodrigo Clavel developed this concept bike for a contest sponsored by Cannondale Europe. The pair
Al een tijdje ben ik op de achtergrond bezig met het 'GoodMornings project'. Wat dit project precies in gaat houden ga ik nog niet vertellen. En welke mooie mensen er bezig zijn om het te realiseren vertel ik ook nog niet. Nieuwsgierig?...
Twee weken geleden had ik even met Jasper afgesproken bij Seats2Meet in Den Bosch. Aan het einde van ons gesprek vroeg ik hem of ik hem nog ergens mee kon helpen. Dat kon. Hij zei dat hij bezig was met 'mini-protesting'... Terwijl hij...
"Hippo Roller is a simple polyethylene barrel that African villagers can fill with water and roll back to their homes by means of a handle, rather than having to carry it all the way back." More about the Hippo water roller
image Here's a video report by CNET about luxurious cell phones, like the Bang & Olufsen Serene, and hot cars, like the Ford Mustang concept car by Giugiaro. Watch the video.Related News: - CNET Commercials - Nokia Future Design - Maybach Excelero Concept Car
Design team Barber Osgerby talk about their pieces for Meta and the concept behind the company. Meta is dedicated to combining exquisite materials with the world's finest artisans to create 21st century design at a quality once seen at the heights of the decorative arts.
Gisteren mocht ik samen met drie andere kunstenaars van het Bossche Makershuis een inspirerende dag verzorgen voor de kansenteams van de Stadsbedrijven van de Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch. Den Bosch in 2025 Het onderdeel dat ikzelf verzorgde was een video workshop. Hierbij stuurde ik...
image If you have an idea and you'd like to hear what others think of it then you can post it on the beta-version of Kancept. It works the same as hot or not but the content is a lot more innovative. ;-) via
Binnenkort ga ik op vakantie. Autootje, tentje en gaan... Ik heb geen auto. Want ik heb bijna nooit een auto nodig. Maar tijdens de vakantie is een auto toch wel fijn. Dus leen ik er één. Maar eigenlijk zou ik het nog leuker vinden om...
Finally there's a video on which you can have look at this crazy 16 foot, two seat dolphin vessel which is powered by a 175hp marine rotary engine. The vessel will be unveiled later this year and will join a demonstration team in summer 2007. Click here to see more pics and to read more information about this very fresh way of transportation on and in the water. via
A first-hand look at the Philippe Starck approach of new design concepts for the bathroom: 'Haute Couture for the shower'. Thanks to Linton for the tip!
I'm really impressed with this video by Total Immersion of virtual objects in the real world.

Moo MiniCards

image Make 100 different Moo MiniCards, using images straight from your Flickr or Bebo account, for just $19.99. It almost sounds too good to be true. But the responses have been great uptil now: "I received my Moo MiniCards yesterday (Feb 13) and I must say, I was amazed by the quality. Double sided satin coating, high quality printing." Very cool I'd say.Thanks to Henk Jan for the tip. Related News: - FlipClips - Create Flickr Strips With Bubblr - Interestingness By Flickr
image The selective road hump is a new invention by Gwyn Harvey. The selective road hump only penalizes speeding drivers. First the speed of the car is measured, then the car gets a warning and in the case the driver still keeps speeding a road hump rises out of the road to make him slow down. Related News: - Heaven Can Wait - Volvo Demonstrates Automatic Braking - BMW Night Vision

Virtual Painter

image Here's a demo of an early prototype interface called Touch Me Tender which allows you to draw with your finger on the screen. The way they visualized the interface is great. They actually took the traditional way of painting, with a glass of water, jars of paint and different kinds of brushes, and brought that to the screen. Made by KsanLab. Related News: - Painting 3D Images In The Air - Interactive Mondriaan Art Screen - Painting With Patterns And Movements
The Better Project is a site that connects people who are interested in initiating change. You can submit your idea, invite others to help or have them add their views, create a project, vote... All for a better world. via swissmiss
This is the perfect challenge for Fresh Creation visitors. The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2009, is an international creative competition that will honor the creator(s) of the best idea for a positive climate change breakthrough with 500.000,- Euros to realize their plans. A unique opportunity to put all Fresh Creators to the test! Last years finalists An inspiring speech by Tony Blair
Yes, a foldable airplane. At Icon they must've seen the foldable sailboat, the foldable bicycle wheel and the foldable electric car and then they thought... "What would happen if we did the same thing to an airplane?" via i new idea
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