Local Projects is an award-winning design studio that seeks to tell stories in public spaces, museums, and over the internet, often simultaneously. Jake Barton, principal at Local Projects, tells us about some of these projects. They are places for dialogue, not lectures. I am a big fan of projects like these that bring together people. That connect people. PS The video starts with a commercial. But you're free to ignore it. ;-) via core77

Life 2.0

What if technology was planted into your brain in the form of a small chip? All sorts of information and services would be instantly available. Skip the first 30 seconds of this clip and see what this would look like. Thanks to Aurelien for the tip!
I'm not saying that the guy in the video is an incredible drummer. But the virtual drums that he's playing on are quite amazing. Related: - 3D Ikea Manual - 3D Virtual World Taken To Another Level - Virtual Versus Reality Racing - Stripping In 3D
It's not sure if this Google Adsense billboard is fake or not, but it does bring up some interesting questions: What if billboards could adjust their ads to the area or, even better, the people surrounding them? In the future this could become reality since technologies like GPS and Wifi are growing rapidly. Because of that it's getting more and more easy to track locations/interests of people. What if you could connect those data to billboards? Then I wouldn't be confronted with ads about tampons anymore and women wouldn't have to look at ads about shavingcream for men. Sounds okay to me. What do you think? Related: - Kodak Assvertising - Stripping In 3D via
As a cutting-edge video artist, Lincoln Schatz is familiar with the different ways in which we perceive the world. In this video he is wondering what the world would be like if we had a device that would allow us to see the world through someone else's mind, literally. So how do you view a city if you have the brain of, say, Rem Koolhaas?Bonus: Interview with Lincoln Schatz about his CUBE Portraits project
ze frank is een held. Voor mij dan. Hij combineert comedy, creativiteit en online tools met video. En hij is ook af en toe in het echt te bewonderen. What's so funny about the Web?
"I/O Brush is a new drawing tool to explore colors, textures, and movements found in everyday materials by "picking up" and drawing with them. I/O Brush looks like a regular physical paintbrush but has a small video camera with lights and touch sensors embedded inside. Outside of the drawing canvas, the brush can pick up color, texture, and movement of a brushed surface. On the canvas, artists can draw with the special "ink" they just picked up from their immediate environment." via
Documentaire van Alexander Oey. Hij reisde door de Verenigde Staten en filmde gemeenschappen die het heft in eigen hand hebben genomen.
image "A soothingly quiet trike driven by a 7 ft, pedal-powered propeller." This is how Damon, the inventor of the propeller driven trike, describes his creation. Should it pass you by then make sure to give way or the propeller will eat you alive. Watch the video. via Related News: - Bicycle Jetpack - Electric Trike - Jet-Propelled Kayak
Really cool this digital clock. It seems like a concept to me. The way it works is with small metal bars that are controlled via magnetic force. Together they form the time on the surface.
About a month ago my post about the interactive hologram generated quite a lot of buzz on the web. Here's a new video which shows the same technology being used in other situations. For example: Browsing through your photos or having a look at a car from any angle by simply moving your hand in the air.
Director Mike Nichols' description of the spine of a scene (jump to one minute in the Inside the Actor's Studio interview above) is meant as instruction on creating a scene in a movie or play. The trick is to imagine yourself as someone in the audience and then ask the question "Why are you telling me this?". What would happen if you applied the very same technique on conversations that you have in daily life?
Aanstaande maandag gaat SnappCar van start. Een site waar particulieren auto's van en aan elkaar kunnen (ver)huren. De vraag die ik vorig jaar stelde wordt nu dus beantwoord. Cool! Aan het team van SnappCar: Veel plezier en maak er iets moois van!
tip: kies 720p als beeldwaliteit in de youtube-player (op play drukken dan op icoontje rechtsonder klikken) In oktober 2011 ben ik langsgeweest bij de Waarmakerij in Nijmegen. En om precies te zijn bij Juul Martin, mede-oprichter van de Waarmakerij. De film die...
image Impressive concept demonstration of Synthetic Reality. The used technology is called Claytronics which can serve as the means of implementing a new communication medium. The idea is to reproduce moving, physical 3D objects. Anyway, the video is much more exciting than all these technical words. Watch it. Related News: - Are These The User Interfaces Of The Future? - How We Will Use Technology In The Near Future - Dishmaker - The End Of Dishwashing
A system of sculptures that is constantly on the brink of collapse. Michael Kontopoulos says about his creation: "My intention was to capture and sustain the exact moment of impending catastrophe and endlessly repeat it."
image If you have an idea and you'd like to hear what others think of it then you can post it on the beta-version of Kancept. It works the same as hot or not but the content is a lot more innovative. ;-) via
Nearly everyone will know Matt by now. A guy that was doing the same dance all over the world. In the first video he danced alone, in the second video he danced with groups of locals. In this presentation Matt tells us how he got all those people to dance with him. Make sure to watch what happens after his 5 minute presentation. It proves that adults are just kids that got older. Matt dancing alone Matt dancing with others
image I ran into a video of a concept by Philips which is a glass (?) ball through which you can see videos that you probably can upload to the ball. When you shake the ball the video disappears and turns into thousands of floating colourful pieces after which another video is shown. Each time you shake the ball a new video starts. The ball also produces soothing sounds like whistling birds. Seems like a cool product for the kids market. Watch the video.Philips Magic Video Ball Philips Interactive Lights If you want to change the colour of these lights you just have to turn them. Bonus video: Philips Entertaible Netscape News interviews Sander van de Wijdeven, System Architect for the Philips Entertaible: a new interactive gaming table device. Related News: - Philips Design CEO Marzano About Innovation - Philips 3D Screen Technology - Philips Living Colours Lights

Moo MiniCards

image Make 100 different Moo MiniCards, using images straight from your Flickr or Bebo account, for just $19.99. It almost sounds too good to be true. But the responses have been great uptil now: "I received my Moo MiniCards yesterday (Feb 13) and I must say, I was amazed by the quality. Double sided satin coating, high quality printing." Very cool I'd say.Thanks to Henk Jan for the tip. Related News: - FlipClips - Create Flickr Strips With Bubblr - Interestingness By Flickr
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