Het begon allemaal met Juan Mann. Een man die het als zijn missie beschouwde om onbekenden te omhelzen en een lach op hun gezichten te toveren. Inmiddels gaat Free Hugs heel de wereld over. De bron: een idee. Free Hugs in Hollywood Free Hugs...
It started out with the Subservient Chicken by Burger King. Then we had the Seite1Girl by C&A. And Robin just mailed me the Virtual Bartender 2. All these websites are based on the same concept: letting visitors boss around other people. It's only the actors and the commands to which these actors respond that change. From a concept point of view The Seite1Girl is still my favourite because it made a connection between the online and the offline world by showing the Seite1Girl in the real-life shoppingwindow of a C&A store in Germany. Also recording the responses of people passing by the shoppingwindow and showing the results online was a fresh move. The Virtual Bartender 2, as the name already indicates, is more of the same thing. Still good fun though... ;-)
To document MoMA's exhibit spanning design, science and technology, "Design and the Elastic Mind", CoolHunting enlisted the help of the show's esteemed curator, Paola Antonelli.
C. K. Prahalad, author of the book The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty through Profits, knows the future of innovation. The future of invention and profit is in providing for the poor.
Ik heb vaak vol verbazing zitten kijken naar de enorme hoeveelheden speelgoed die kinderen hebben. Vaak wordt maar een heel klein deel van dat speelgoed ook echt gebruikt. Ieder jaar komt daar dan met Sinterklaas, Kerst en verjaardagen weer een nieuwe...
Voor festival Oude Muziek bedacht ik het concept van hun nieuwe website. Daarnaast werkte ik het interaction design van hun nieuwe website uit.
tip: kies 720p als beeldwaliteit in de youtube-player (op play drukken dan op icoontje rechtsonder klikken) In oktober 2011 ben ik langsgeweest bij de Waarmakerij in Nijmegen. En om precies te zijn bij Juul Martin, mede-oprichter van de Waarmakerij. De film die...
image Here's a new eco sensor concept phone and watch by Nokia. The phone recharges itself with kinetic energy. Combined with the watch it also keeps track of your health and it is very thin. Cool features. via extend limits

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The Electroscoot has been designed for people who want a product that offers style and simplicty. The range of the scooter is 40-50 kilometers and the price will be about 1500 euros.
Carcade is a concept for an in-car videogame for the passengers, which captures the landscape and uses it as a videogame environment. Existing objects, for example trees and architecture, are recognized by the camera and enhanced by videogame assets. via i new idea
Gisteravond heb ik de documentaire 'The Money Fix' (2009) gekeken. De manier waarop de documentaire verfilmd is, is misschien niet erg boeiend. De inhoud is dat echter zeker. Door het zien van de documentaire is het mij nu duidelijk dat het financiële...
It's the alphabet again. But a little different. This amazing pop-up book by Marion Bataille will be released October this year. It shows an ingenius way of putting all the letters of the alfabet in a book. via arcibi
image Jeff Han is a research scientist for New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Here, he demonstrates - for the first time publicly - his intuitive, "interface-free", touch-driven computer screen, which can be manipulated intuitively with the fingertips, and responds to varying levels of pressure. Watch the 10 minute video demonstration here. Related News: - Little Boy Paints With LED Light - Virtual Painter - Largest Interactive TV Wall
The story Basically, Sixth Sense is a mini-projector coupled with a camera and a cellphone - which acts as the computer and your connection to the Cloud, all the information stored on the web. Sixth Sense can also obey hand gestures, like in the movie Minority Report. Why this story inspired me Because a small team of people shows the whole world that interaction can be taken to a new level. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that more people will see that efforts on a small scale can lead to big changes.
Digismart is a patented technology that will soon allow mobile handsets and other devices to have projection capabilities. To achieve this, Digismart makes use of a miniature wide-angle lens system. The clip above shows some of the ways this new technology could be used in daily life. Related: - 750 Square Meter Videoprojection - The Amazing Parasite Project - Stripping in 3D via
Jabberstamp allows children to synthesize their drawings and voices. To use Jabberstamp, children create drawings, collages or paintings on normal paper. They press a special rubber stamp onto the page to record sounds into their drawings. When children touch the marks of the stamp with a small trumpet, they can hear the sounds playback, retelling the stories they have created.
image If you don't know how to get into the Christmas spirit then this top 5 of unusual or completely over the top Christmas lights outbursts might be of help to you. The number 1 video shows 7 acres (!) of custom, handmade Christmas figurines. Now, that's a lot of Christmas spirit.1. Reynolds Farm Equipment Christmas Lights Display 2. Christmas Lights Gone Wild 3. Dyker Heights Brooklyn NY Animated Christmas Lights 4. Frisco Christmas Lights - Wizards in Winter 5. Berry Family Christmas Lights

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The facade of this building seems to be a mix of this mirror installation, this reactive wall and this digital sculpture. I wonder what it would look like if they would put mirrors on the building instead of the metal flake bodies that they used.
Prachtig project dat een heel eigen draai aan zwembaden geeft. Om de haalbaarheid van het project te testen hebben de bedenkers 25.000 dollar nodig. Daarom zijn ze 4 dagen geleden begonnen met crowdfunding. In die 4 dagen hebben ze inmiddels al meer...
Jesse Rosten is ook goed in spelen. Hij heeft klitteband tevoorschijn gehaald. Een iPad gekocht. En daarna is hij gaan experimenteren. Met combinaties van klitteband, zijn iPad en de omgeving.
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