Zopa is the world's first social finance company. In 2005 they pioneered a way for people to lend and borrow directly with each other online as part of their continuing mission to give people around the world the power...
The TouchTable was designed as a toolset that allows users to quickly analyze and manipulate important data in critical situations. Functioning as both a presentation and input device, the TouchTable displays data directly on the table surface where it can be manipulated using hand gestures. This allows users to gather around the table to view, control and discuss the displayed information. Related: - Interactive Video Table - Automatic Mahjong Table - Mixed Reality Interface
Creative director Sol Sender tells the story of conception and birth of the Obama 08 logo, including the strategy behind it, developmental concepts and finalist designs for the identity not chosen by the campaign.Part 1 Part 2
In 2005 startte ik met Fresh Creation. Een inspiratie weblog dat al snel internationaal werd opgepikt. Het groeide groter en groter... Met pieken van meer dan 40.000 bezoekers op 1 dag. Toch ben ik er een tijdje mee gestopt. Omdat ik merkte dat het...
image This electric trike is pretty amazing. You can cruise on the roads and the fields with it, but if you want to you can take off the front wheels and turn it into a snow mobile by attaching ski's instead. Skip the first minute of the video and go straight to the interesting part. via Related News: - Electric Motorcycle Demo - Pimped Three Wheeler Superbike - Family Trike
In London 30 street pianos have been installed on streets, in public squares and parks, train stations, and markets. The pianos are the result of the Play Me, I'm Yours project by Luke Jerram who was questioning the ownership...
After the Origami project, Microsoft now gives us a preview of what healthcare could look like in the future. Instant sharing of and access to information seems to be their main prediction. With integrated displays everywhere. Thanks to Linton for the tip!
Walking is so passé. There are several new personal mobility devices (like 1. Honda's U3-X). So, I thought I would make a little list of them and several of my old favs. 2. Yike Bike 3. Toyota iReal 4. Flying carpet 5. Escalators
A Belgian company offers you a chance to have dinner in the sky. A crane will lift a table, with you and your friends around it, to a height of 50 meters. A waiter, a chef and an entertainer will join you as you are going to great heights. Prices start at 8650 euro. Not cheap. And what happens if you have to pee? via
En ja hoor, de stickeraktie foto's beginnen binnen te stromen... ;-) Geweldig! Foto ingezonden door Angele Bakker Ook erg leuk om de ervaringen te lezen. Hier bijvoorbeeld een enthousiast verslag van Herman Meeuwsen: Mienke en ik zijn vandaag in Almere Haven begonnen met...
image Here's a 7 minute demo of world's largest interactive TV wall. It's made by Panasonic and it's got some pretty interesting features. I especially liked the part where you see a closet with DVD's and CD's on the TV wall. You can grab a CD or a DVD out of the virtual closet and start watching a movie or listen to music. But besides that there's loads of other features. Enjoy. Related News: - TVisionarium - 3D Interactive Video Archive - World's Largest Plasma TV - Gesture Technology - 3D Point And Click
Wow! Wat een ontzettend inspirerende uitspraken van 'futurist' Richard Seymour. Vooral de zin waarin hij zegt dat als je in de toekomst staat en vervolgens 'het nu naar je toetrekt', dat je dan een unieke kijk tot je beschikking hebt. Een selectie...
Light Blubs are light bulbs that look like they are melting. They are handcrafted crystal pieces which are equipped with LED's. The Melted collection is a collaboration between Pieke Bergmans and Peter van der Jagt


"SWARM is a kinetic art work consisting of multiple semi-autonomous spherical robots ("Orbs") that roll under their own power. Each has a spherical shell 30 inches in diameter: roughly waist high to an adult." Currently SWARMs are radio controlled but the plan is that they will start receiving commands from a 'mother node'. Watch the video to see them do their rolling. via make
Mooi verhaal van een man die op een dag het idee krijgt om een kartonnen fiets te maken. Hij is nieuwsgierig of hij het ook realiteit kan maken. En de enige manier om dat te testen is door er gewoon eentje...
Eva and Franco Mattes, also known as 0100101110101101.org, tell us about their exposition It's Always Six O'Clock. It's about reality versus fantasy. And about a crazy mix of both of them.
Vanochtend samen met Louis van den Heuvel van Zoem in een elektrische Nissan Leaf op pad gegaan. Dit keer om het Mobility of the Future event van BMW in Rotterdam te bezoeken. De BMW i3 en i8 concept-auto's waren er te...
image Here's a demo video of the new conceptual game 'levelHead' by Julian Oliver. Using tilt motions, the player moves a character through rooms that appear inside one of several cubes on a table. Each room is logically connected by a series of doors, though some doors lead nowhere (they are traps). The player has 2 minutes to find the exit of each cube, leading the character into the entrance of the next. Thanks to Henk Jan for the tip.

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Philippe Holthuizen and Rodrigo Clavel developed this concept bike for a contest sponsored by Cannondale Europe. The pair
Director Mike Nichols' description of the spine of a scene (jump to one minute in the Inside the Actor's Studio interview above) is meant as instruction on creating a scene in a movie or play. The trick is to imagine yourself as someone in the audience and then ask the question "Why are you telling me this?". What would happen if you applied the very same technique on conversations that you have in daily life?
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