Video about a house powered by the sun called REFRACT. It's an entry in the Solar Decathlon, a Department of Energy sponsored contest of solar home designs.
The Wall House is probably the greatest achievement in architecture of the last 50 years. The video includes an interview with the architects and a look at the house itself. Bonus: Interview with Marc Frohn
On a remote island near the North Pole, scientists have built a giant freezer designed to preserve millions of seeds in the event of a global catastrophe.
Bekijk de video in andere formaten. In het Baskische stadje Mondragon is het overgrote deel van de bevolking werkzaam in coöperaties. Door deze grote groep aan coöperaties is het stadje veel weerbaarder tegen verandering van omstandigheden. Het aantal...
The technology to produce fuel-efficient cars was already available decades ago. Nowadays consumers are looking for more fuel efficiency. Why then, does it take so long before we can buy these cars and drive around cheap and environmentally friendly? This Dutch documentary, which is in English for the biggest part, tells us the sad story of how the huge car and oil companies are blocking innovation. But small companies and individual projects are not waiting for them anymore. A must see!
Ook tijdens de Energiedag van 27 november was Leen Zevenbergen van de partij. Een mooi bevlogen verhaal over ondernemerschap, duurzaamheid en creativiteit.
Leuke reportage van Bright over Car2go. Elektrisch rijden zonder abonnement, je kan parkeren waar je wil en je kan zelfs per minuut betalen. Oh ja, wel alleen geldig binnen de regio Amsterdam
Jack Johnson is probably one of the 'greenest' musicians out there. In this clip he shows us around in his studio which is (partly) solar powered. Also the re-use of wood and vintage studio equipment are based on the thought of not using up the planet's resources. Great to see someone who puts into practice what he believes in. In the full post is an interview with Jack Johnson talking some more about his green activities.Sprig interview with Jack Johnson
Ken Yeang and Ross Lovegrove show how nature can inspire our living spaces and cities by fusing efficiency and beauty. I especially like the 'solar tree' in the video which looks a bit like a tree but also is a true work of art, that's functional on top of that.
Get ready to fall in love. Index, Design To Improve Life intends to "inspire design worldwide that responds to the needs of people in societies, both developed and developing." They have a design award in the categories of Body, Home, Work, Play and Community. Index's new Youtube page has videos about concepts we have covered like Better Place and Kiva. Also a few things we missed like an oven (in the video above) and Freeplay. They have a sense of humour too. Proof? See the video about pigs which you can watch in the full post. Forgive me for swooning.Pig Better Place Kiva Freeplay
Via videoverhaal ontving ik van Edith Scholte een aanvraag voor het vastleggen van een gesprek op video. De aanleiding was dat ze erg blij was geworden van de natuurlijke manier waarop ik het gesprek met Jan Bommerez had vastgelegd. Via Skype...
The power in our seas is vast - and wave power is at an innovative stage. According to government and industry figures, wave and tidal power combined could meet 12.5 per cent of today's electricity demand - economically and practically - by 2025. Here's a silent but informative introduction to how wave power works.
This is the music video of the song Sweetheart by The Wave Pictures. It's made entirely out of second hand books. That's what I call a very green music video. ;-) PS For all those Wave Pictures fans: The acoustic version of...
Vanaf vandaag staat de elektrische Renault Twizy bij de dealer. Een elektrisch wagentje dat maximaal 45 of 80km/h kan en waarin 2 personen kunnen zitten. Louis van stichting zOem was zo aardig om even langs te komen en mij een proefrit...
Short talk at the London Design Festival by Suzanne Lee. The theme of the talks is "East meets West" and Suzanne talks about a futuristic technique for making clothing with bacterial-cellulose. Who knew? Turns out it's actually ancient and well known in China, Japan and Russia.
image Treehugger brings us a video report about the AltWheels Festival in Boston. The festival brings together a diverse array of alternative fuel vehicles and innovators for a weekend of learning, discussion, and showing off. Garage tinkerers, hybrid hackers, MIT professors, government officials and auto industry giants all play their part in moving the US towards energy independence, and Boston is the place it happens. Related News: - Future Green Camper Concept - Steorn - Free, Clean, Energy Technology - Tesla Roadster - Electric Sportscar
The Tesla Roadster is the first all electric vehicle with gasoline engine performance. It goes from 0-60mph in 4 seconds and it can drive 250 miles per batterycharge. It also has satnav, airconditioning and all other features that you...
GM Labs video about a light, small, simple car design. The full post includes a video about a similar truck design. GM has realized drivers are willing to give up a few things for a good cause and more efficiency.Bonus: Bare Necessities Truck
Interview with the creator of Modern Cabana, a small prefab living space. Prefabrication is very green because it uses less energy. There was a lack of modern designs in prefabs until just recently when the green revolution sparked demand.
Marcel Wanders answers 10 questions that were submitted by 10 persons. All questions are about design and the role it has in life.
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