The Sunset Limited gaat over twee mannen, Samuel L. Jackson en Tommy Lee Jones, die toevalligerwijs elkaars pad kruisen. De twee staan heel verschillend in het leven. Komen ze tot elkaar? De film scoort 7.9 op IMDB. En je kan de volledige versie...
New video from Clinton Global Initiative with Bill Clinton talking about "the inspiration behind CGI." The always articulate former US president says he is trying to create a different "mindset" for people to solve the world's problems.
On the clouds of the mythic Mount Olympus, a young girl unleashes a dangerous monster from a mysterious box. Can he match the infant that set him free? I understand this beautiful animation by Gobelins as an invitation to face one's personal shadows with curiosity rather than fear - and experience personal growth as a result.The demon in the video insists on enacting patterns of domination and victimization - but the child just refuses to play according to this script. She even has the courage to dive right into the mysterious dark box, from which she re-emerges as a grown being. This could almost be a video summary of soulcraft, a book by Bill Plotkin that I've just finished reading. Bill Plotkin believes that by courageously facing the underworld of the soul, we can find our true place in the world and our authentic self. He describes various "soulcraft skills", such as dream work, wandering in nature, vision quests, use of symbols, or mindfulness practice, which help to step out of the ordinary world with its usual scripts, and into a process of self-discovery. A process that is, by necessity, a terrifying experience for the ego, which would prefer safety and comfort to transcendence any time. It was enlightening for me to realise that the journey into one's darkest fears and personal shadows is just as important for developing an eco-centric (rather than egocentric) culture, as is the connection to the upperworld of spirit through practices such as meditation or yoga. In the interview below Bill Plotkin explains why it is necessary to re-connect to one's wild nature.
Designer Sir Paul Smith created a limited edition bottle for Evian water recently. In the video, Paul talks about the bottle but he also gives a tour of his studio. Paul says he does not look at other designers. He fills his studio with things that inspire him like a child.
60 Minutes report about Alice Waters. She is a famous proponent of food made with natural ingredients, in season, served fresh and grown without pesticides. These are good things.
How are you coping with the economic downturn? Is the crisis changing you for the better? These are the questions Cathy Goerz is asking - and her short documentary “RE:Invention” shows how for some people the economic crisis has become an opportunity for positive transformation. Rather than allowing these troubling times to create bitterness and anger, these people have taken their financially challenged situations and made positive changes to their lives. (via Laughing Squid)
Social theorist Jonathan Zittrain shows us that the internet is made up of millions of disinterested acts of kindness, curiosity and trust. The biggest eye-opener for me in this presentation was that the internet created a collective consciousness which a lot of successful online concepts, like Wikipedia, are based on. They rely on people being able to sense what's right or wrong and act on it. For free.
I am one of the people who commute to work by train. Now, with all the buzz about Swine Flu, each time someone sneezes on the train, everybody is shuffling in their seats. Or is it just me seeing things? This film by Christine Rabette reminds everyone worried about germs that also laughter is extremely contagious, even in a commute train. And don't they say that laughter is the best medicine? The film "Merci!" won a Golden Wave for best Short Film in 2003, so it's not really fresh, but I found it pretty up to date nevertheless. The film also reminded me of a research project I read about some months ago: A long time survey found that happiness is contagious and therefore, even strangers may cheer you up. Just as you and I can cheer up strangers ;-)
Dominic Miller, Sting’s guitarist since 1990, and one of the leading session guitarists today, could have all the reason to be proud of his genius. Yet, he realized that what makes him powerful and creative is not any superhuman quality but the capacity to "stand naked" which is to say: vulnerable and alert to the music that wants to be brought to life through him. A short film about what it means to create and to be authentic that also asks back: What story is out there waiting to be told by you? (film by Nic Askew)
There's always something to compliment. Cam Brown and Brett Westcott are standing on a corner at Purdue university Indiana, giving out free compliments to everyone who passes by. What are they getting out of it? A whole lot of smiles. Great idea isn't it. So let's see if it works here. I love how you are reading this post, I really respect the way Linton is keeping us posted during the summer break, I like Ines' philosophical take on things and of course I admire how Martijn is making this all possible. Have you got a compliment you'd like to share?
Examined Life is a documentary that "accompanies some of today’s most influential thinkers on a series of unique excursions through places and spaces that hold particular resonance for them and their ideas."
Brain scientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn talks to many people about God in the film Closer to the Truth. The video above is the trailer for the PBS series. The website has many more videos on related topics like the cosmos and consciousness. I like, very much, that the videos focus on the questions more than what people think are the right answers.
In the installation “Memories of Self” Tetsuro Nagata plays with perceptions of self and with time delay to question the observer’s own memory and identity. On one screen, visitors can can see themselves in a mirror, but the reflection is a few seconds old, which means you look at a version of yourself from the past. In a similar way, a second projection allows the viewer to become aware of their shadow by delaying the projection, and mixing it with shadows from previous visitors. ...The project looks like a comment on what it means to "be present in the Now". (via interactive architecture)
Three strangers and a bus. Roadtrip Nation follows three people who are trying to find their 'road' in life. They interview people along the way who live their life according to what they are passionate about. The bus has been ‘tripping’ since 2006 and gathered dozens of incredible stories. For a few of the best stories, check the full post. Take the crappiest job in a field that you love Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare Survive your dark period The only think that counts, is what you think!
Chester Bennington, lead singer for the band Linkin Park, says he would rather take a chance and try something different. Chester says it's dangerous to focus on what others might like. See the full post for a Faint Remix AMV.
What you have does not make you happy. It's the values you have that make you happy. Words of wisdom from Roko Belic of Creative Visions Foundation, a group that "seeks to inform, inspire, and empower artist-activists throughout the world."
Google changed their logo today to honor the birth of Mohandas Gandhi. Gandhi's inspiring ideas for non-violent resistance still resonate today. The full post includes other videos about Gandhi.MLK Albert Einstein John Lennon Movie trailer
When Desmond Tutu starts talking you may not have a clue where he's headed this time ...untill he get's there. Then all of a sudden his enlightened brilliance puts a cheek to cheek smile on your face. And may just touch a chord. In this case, no matter how small a role you play. You are significant! If you have the time, watch the entire one hour closing session of the economic forum. With Desmond Tutu, John Bryant and Pekka Himanen Tutu's input in the complete ‘Believing in the Dignity of All’ session summarized: Adam being created from Eve is a story about how we complement eachother. We are interdependent as people and therefore we are family. We live in a world that’s connected in so many ways. What happens on one side also effects the other side. What happens to you happens to me. We are family. That’s why the entire world is experiencing the economic and environmental problems. In a family we live according to a family ethic. We don’t ask the baby about it’s contribution to the family budget and give him accordingly. In the ethic of family this is the rule: From each according to their ability To each according to their needs But in modern day society there’s cutthroat competition. Succes is what we strive for. While we should be striving for compassion. We have seemed to ask : ‘is it profitable’, god is saying that what we should have been asking is ‘is it right’. When we are at heavens gates, god won’t ask how much you’ve prayed or gone to church. He will ask ‘did you give water to the thirsty, did you clothe the naked, did you feed the hungry?’ We live in a moral universe. There is no way in which injustice and oppression will have the last word! You will have to account for your actions. You’ve been created for family, for togetherness, as brother and sister. Where are your brother and your sister? At 35 minutes John Bryant, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Operation Hope, USA; Young Global Leader starts talking. Great stuff. Pekka Himanen, Philosopher, Helsinki Institute of Information Technology (HIIT), Finland; Young Global Leader, also has a few things to add.
We can do no great things, only small things with great love. Mother Teresa I think that sums up this video beautifully!More quotes: Happiness
There are many good films at this year's Venice Film Festival. None more pertinent than Moore's Capitalism. Good luck Mike, I hope you win everything. Out of competition but would have won is Informant! which tells a much smaller but amazingly bizarre story. One funny thing about these two films is they are both, well, funny. Maybe the only thing you can do is laugh in the face of tragedy?Informant! movie trailer
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