What if games had been invented 500 years ago and then all of a sudden in the year 2009 books were invented. How would we perceive books then? See what happens if you start looking at things fom a different point of view.
image Sony has released two new PlayStation 3 commercials: "Play B3yond - Capacity" and "Play B3yond - Smarter". They look like they were made to impress. But do they impress? Watch them here and tell me what you think. Play B3yond - Smarter Play B3yond - Capacity via Related News: - Wii Play Virtual Tennis - PlaydoCam - Become The Star Of The Game - PlayStation 2 vs PlayStation 3
This dress can be used to play Pong on. It is made by Max Moswitzer and Margarete Jahrmann to "dissolute the boundaries between body and screen". I guess this dress is what some like to call wearable technology art. A while back I posted '4 Ways Of Playing Pong'. If crazy outbursts like these keep popping up I can start to make The Pong Top 100. via and via
World's first cubic multi-touch touchscreen games platform. In this video clip the Fentix Cube has been programmed to emulate a Rubik's cube puzzle. Check out Andrew Fentem's website for more electronic art. via i new idea
Sony's been creating buzz with a soon to be released Bravia (?) commercial. In the meantime here's a cool ad for the PlayStation Network. via reklamfeber
It's incredible what gaming consoles are capable of these days. Take a look at a demo of the Milo project. Though I do wonder what would happen if the actress would start telling Milo things that weren't in the script.
image Here's a documentary about violence in videogames. It takes more than half an hour to watch the full documentary but it's pretty interesting. So if you have some time to kill.... spare time, I mean... then I would recommend it.Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 via Related News: - Human Joysticks - Spheroid - Move And Shout To Win - Command & Conquer 3 - Meet The Actresses
Last month I finished reading the book Inside Steve's Brain. This documentary is a great summary of that book.
image Dyna Media shows how you can play soccer and a racing game on a shopping floor in Shanghai. Watch the video. Related News: - Catchyoo Interactive Wall - Interactive Dance Floor - Killing Projected Cockroaches
image BMW seems to enjoy hightech sales tools in their showrooms. This time they show us a BMW M3 racing simulator. Not the ultimate racing simulator but still heaps of fun. The suspension of the car reacts to bumps in the road so you should be in for quite a ride. Watch the video. via Related News: - Program Your BMW Navigation With Google Maps - PCGamerBike - Lose Weight While You Game - 3D Golfsimulator
I would like to give this game a try. It's called Dagaz and it trains your meditation level. The combination of gaming and meditation still strikes me as odd though. But perhaps that's just my narrow mind. ;-) Watch the video to...
In about 6 weeks the new Wii Fit exercise game will be available in Holland. I am seriously thinking of buying it. Wii Fit is designed to function with the Wii Balance Board peripheral and it combines exercising and gaming: exergaming. Wii Fit was released in Japan on December 1, 2007 and sold over a quarter of a million copies in its first week. via in10
You see a huge display in a public area which invites you to swtich on the Bluetooth connection on your mobile so you can start playing Snake against others that happen to be in the same area. All of a sudden the people standing next to you are your competitors. I think this is only a first step of what's to come. Nevertheless, a pretty cool first step. via nextwall
They are beta testing their new player at Dailymotion. The coolest feature is probably that they now show videos in High Definition. This trailer of the Race Driver Grid game shows you what that can look like. Broadband web connection required.
Olympic Cube No.6a. Made up of 219 smaller pieces, of which only 152 pieces are visible to the player. As the Americans say: Bigger is better. Related News: - 2000 Square Meter Of Tetris - Interactive Gaming Couch - PainStation
image Here's the top 10 of things to play Pong with. It includes brains, Roddick, a dress, cars, alcohol, two hands, candles, pain, skateboards and three asses. Watch the videos here.[b]1. Pong With Brains[/b] Playing Pong while using only your brains to move the lines. Loads of equipment is needed but it's amazing. [b]2. Pong With Roddick[/b] Great American Express commercial where Andy Roddick meets Pong as his opponent. [b]3. Pong With A Dress[/b] This dress can be used to play Pong on. It is made by Max Moswitzer and Margarete Jahrmann to "dissolute the boundaries between body and screen". I guess this dress is what some like to call wearable technology art. [b]4. Pong With Cars[/b] [b]5. Pong With Alcohol[/b] [b]6. Pong With Two Hands[/b] image This online Nokia game enables you to play Pong by yourself. With two hands! via [b]7. Pong With Candles[/b] Here's a great stop motion animation made out of candles. See if you can spot all the retro games. The matching music helps... [b]8. Pong With Pain[/b] Playing Pong on the PainStation is not without risk. Your hands get electric shocks if you don't play well. [b]9. Pong Without Computers[/b] [b]10. Pong With Your Ass[/b] The Weeble is a new gameconcept made by Debby Thebrath which invites players to sit down on a seat and participate in a game in a physically active way. The thing is that your seat is your controller during the game. To use your controller you have to move your ass while playing. In the video you see how Debby is playing Pong. The other two seats/controllers are not used while she's playing but you get a pretty good idea of what the Weeble is about. Other retro games like PacMan, Tron and Space Invaders or completely new gameconcepts can also be played on the Weeble. Related News: - Human Scale Video Games - Game Over - Retro Games Revival Animation - The Ultimate Gaming Experience
image Game Over is one of the art projects developed by the Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond (NOTsoNOISY creative agency). It consists of a series of stop-motion animation movies which revive some of the very first video games. The pixels in these games are replaced by a group of real human-beings that are moving from seat to seat in a theatre during about 4 to 6 hours. Result: three giant human-scale video games. Watch them here.Pole Position Space Invaders Pong Related News: - Top 10 Of Things To Play Pong With - Real Life Pinball - Game Over - Retro Games Revival Animation
image Amanda MacKay of GT gives us a grand tour of EA
For the second time a virtual version of the band U2 has done a concert in virtual world Second Life. The people who made this happen did it to give attention to one.org and other good causes. The 'concert' is probably an audio-stream of a live concert on DVD. So there could be some juridical consequences for whoever was responsible. But since it was all for a good cause the U2 lawyers will probably look away. Though they might sue them for making the members of the band look like this. ;-) PS The fact that I posted about U2 yesterday AND today is pure coincidence. Related News: - U2 In 1978 - Fully Customizable Virtual Girl - Why Second Life Is Stunning - Virtual Versus Reality Racing via
That online games don't need a lot of graphics to be entertaining proves Sketch 4 Secs. You get 4 seconds to draw images like the one above. Think you handle that?
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