Turning something virtual into something real is fascinating. We've got real life pinball, real life pong, real life Simpsons and real life Tetris to prove it. And now we can add real life avatars to that list. Choose your...
Dutch agency GRO design made the best looking soccer table ever. "We were interested in creating atmosphere through form, colour, material and subtle use of light, bringing a heightened sense of drama and excitement to the game." Well, they succeeded. Watch the video to see it in action.


image Here's a pretty addictive beta version of an online game called Apenkooi. The game was made to make the Apenkooi parties better known. While playing the game you can view videos and get other information about the Apenkooi parties. The game is in Dutch but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out how to play it. Agency: Sense.
This is a first peek at an augmented reality virtual pet game being developed for the iPhone. Just imagine how kids could learn to look after their pets or have their own virtual pets play with those of others....
If you're still not in the Christmas mood then the top 5 of Christmas commercials might be of help to you. Besides that I can offer you a top 5 of Christmas lights outbursts and little aliens singing Christmas...

Gaming Trends

Video gaming is a huge market these days. This presentation gives you a nice update on what's happening. Good to catch up since I sold both my Wii and my PlayStation 2 within one year. via advertisingpawn
That online games don't need a lot of graphics to be entertaining proves Sketch 4 Secs. You get 4 seconds to draw images like the one above. Think you handle that?
After playing on the PainStation this band aid might be helpful.
Sit down with your opponent on this interactive couch made by Sinua and be sure to win the balloon-game by moving your body at the right time. Sounds strange? Watch the video to get things clear.
Look at the top 10 best women throughout the history of video games. Number one just might surprise you. I'll tell you this: it's NOT Lara Croft. via Related News: - Fully Customizable Virtual Girl - The Ultimate Gaming Experience - Top 10 Sexiest Commercials - Stripping In 3D
image The game Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 (DOAX2) for the Xbox 360 features virtual pole dancing by the DOAX girls. I guess the makers of the game saw how much rumour the hidden pornographic scenes in Grand Theft Auto caused on the web and thought: Let's add more sex. Watch the video to find out what virtual pole dancing looks like. For the fans: Christie Hitomi Kasumi Kokoro Lei Fang Related News: - Tekken 4 Commercial - Top 10 Video Game Babes - Stripping In 3D
They are beta testing their new player at Dailymotion. The coolest feature is probably that they now show videos in High Definition. This trailer of the Race Driver Grid game shows you what that can look like. Broadband web connection required.
image A guy started an experiment called the Wii Sports Experiment. For six weeks he did everything that he was used to doing but now he added 30 minutes of playing Wii Sports to each day. His physical condition improved a lot during this period of time (he lost 9 lbs (=4 kilos)). Watch the video of him working out on the Wii. Related News: - Wii Play Virtual Tennis - Tennis Demonstration On Nintendo Wii - 3D Golfsimulator
Iedereen en alles is straks met elkaar verbonden. Objecten worden intelligent, alles wordt meetbaar en op angst gebaseerde structuren verdwijnen. Welke rol ga jij in deze samenleving vervullen? Marco, thanks voor het delen!
image The debut of interactive crowd gaming in movie theaters. The clip was filmed during the opening weekend of Spiderman 3 in Los Angeles. Created by SS+K in collaboration with Brand Experience Lab for msnbc.com. Make sure to try the online version of the game. Watch the video. via / via Related News: - Bacardi Makes Commercial Come Alive - BMW Cinema Ad Goes Beyond The Screen - Human Scale Video Games
image Here's a great stop motion animation made out of candles. See if you can spot all the retro games. The matching music helps... Watch the video here. Related News: - Name That 80's Toy - Weeble - Play Pong With Your Ass - Game Over - Retro Games Revival Animation
This multi-touch interaction screen brings a new dimension to gaming.
image Now you can help fight cancer simply by playing video games on your PlayStation 3. Researchers at Stanford University have teamed up with Sony on the distributed computing project Folding@Home. Watch the video to learn how this works. via Related News: - Home - Sony's Second Life - Advertising Stunt Leads To Two Arrests - New PlayStation 3 Bikes Commercial
I just love the Improv Everywhere experiments which turn ordinary situations into extraordinary situations. Here is episode 6 of the mp3 experiment. Everyone downloads an mp3 and starts it at the same location at the same time. After this they obey to the orders that are given. Look what happens. (via wooster)
Carcade is a concept for an in-car videogame for the passengers, which captures the landscape and uses it as a videogame environment. Existing objects, for example trees and architecture, are recognized by the camera and enhanced by videogame assets. via i new idea
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