A super eco/green/climate change friendly city is being designed and built in Dubai. It will run entirely on renewable energy and there will be no cars but solar powered transport pods.
Honda Motors announced it will begin real-world testing of its second experimental walking assist device designed to reduce the strain on a users leg muscles and joints such as hips, knees and ankles.It is meant to help physically weakened people and workers who would need to reduce the stress on their bodies from heavy work or postural conditions that are unsafe.
About a month ago my post about the interactive hologram generated quite a lot of buzz on the web. Here's a new video which shows the same technology being used in other situations. For example: Browsing through your photos or having a look at a car from any angle by simply moving your hand in the air.
Video about two projects from a Project Faire by Stanford Computer Science seniors. The first is Savant, software that makes your music playing sound better. Second, StrokeCoach, a project that turned the iPhone into a tool for helping stroke victims.
To make driving an electric car even more attractive URECA (Unlimited Range Electric Car Systems) battery recharge/exchange stations were invented. In seconds the station automatically swaps batteries. You don't even have to get out of the car. Watch the...
Here's cool news for text messaging addicts: Swype. It provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger motion across the screen keyboard you can write at over 50 words per minute. Watch the video to see how this works. Thanks to Linton for the tip!
Journey is not a game in which you have to race, kill or race&kill. Journey is a process. It is a new kind of game in which you go through different emotions. (thanks to Linton for sharing)
image Bill Shannon, aka "Crutch Master", shows what freestyling with crutches means. I wonder how many times he must have fallen down to look that cool on crutches. Related News: - Virgin Galactic's Commercial Spaceship - CabBoots - Shoes With Integrated Navigation - Car Runs On Water
It's incredible what gaming consoles are capable of these days. Take a look at a demo of the Milo project. Though I do wonder what would happen if the actress would start telling Milo things that weren't in the script.
Het derde deel van Everything is a Remix. Voor mij was het gedeelte dat start bij speeltijd 7:41min het meest aansprekend. Het gaat over 'multiple discovery' : Dat op vrijwel hetzelfde tijdstip door verschillende mensen dezelfde ontdekking wordt gedaan. De vraag is...
Incredible footage of the latest Dutch Design expo in NYC and an overview of Milan. Inspiring stories around concepts and the everlasting battle between form and function. From Sugar Jewelry and chairs doing yoga to inspiring thoughts by Piet Heijn Eek and other renown designers. (via designguide.tv)
Kunst verlegt grenzen. Laat nieuwe mogelijkheden zien. Regels en wetten beperken kunst. En dus ook mensen. In de manier om zich te uiten. Is het einde van copyright in zicht?
Holocube is a 3D projection display which looks pretty cool with its cube-shaped design. Though, considering that companies like Philips are already working on 3D television, I don't see why you would buy the cube. via i new idea
Have you seen those greeting cards that play a little bit of audio? That's so last week. The newest thing is VIDEO! Tiny video chips with up to "40 minutes of video" will appear in magazines like EW in September.
Put your ears in control says Sony Ericsson. Their new, one of kind, motion sensing ear phones do just that. Animation by Kristofer Ström. (via not cot).
It's not that I hadn't seen this technology before but now it's becoming mainstream: Jessica Yellin was recorded as a hologram and beamed into the CNN studio during the elections. via dutch cowboys
image I though I had written about this umbrella about a year ago. But I checked the archives and nothing came up. So, here's the most innovative umbrella ever: the Senz. Not because it has loads of gadgets on it. Not because there's a funny twist to it. Just because Gerwin Hoogendoorn, a Dutch guy, was smart enough to make it storm-proof. Watch the video.Sorry folks, the video is in Dutch, but I think the images at the end, of Gerwin putting the Senz to the test, speak for themselves. Related News: - Music In The Rain - Protect Yourself - Umbrella In A Can
Jan Bommerez is schrijver en spreker. Zijn verhaal over loslaten vind ik prachtig en erg herkenbaar. Een paar weken geleden was hij voor een paar dagen in Nederland en sprak ik hem. Een gesprek over creativiteit, innovatie, ondernemen, onderwijs, social media, verbinding...
Here's an innovative concept: a train that doesn't stop to pick people up at a station. I do wonder what happens when a lot of people want to leave the train at a certain station or what happens when a lot of people want to get on the train at once. Still, an interesting concept. via swissmiss
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