A nifty machine turns the texts on webpages into braille. Seems like a very useful invention though software that reads the texts out loud are available too. But perhaps that is like comparing a normal book with an audio book.
Friday... Almost weekend and time for some fun. Here's an amazing new Apple laptop which has no keyboard, just one button. "Everything is just a few hundred clicks away." Have a good weekend! via swissmiss
Jasper van Impelen mailde me bovenstaande presentatie van Leen Zevenbergen over de herwaardering van creativiteit en ondernemerschap. Een erg goed verhaal van een uur dat je bewust maakt van het ontbreken van creativiteit in veel bedrijven, hoe dit ontstaat...
The next generation of high-end mobile phones have a few things in common: camera, GPS, fast processor, fast internet connection. Robert Winters and some of his colleagues discussed this and came up with AUGNAV. Augmented Reality Navigation. The clip...
Holocube is a 3D projection display which looks pretty cool with its cube-shaped design. Though, considering that companies like Philips are already working on 3D television, I don't see why you would buy the cube. via i new idea
This lecture helps you being more creative, coming up with better and more ideas. One hour of great inspiration for creative minds.
It seems that everyone is working on new interfaces. Using thought, gestures or real objects. This interface was filmed at CeBIT 2008. It offers a very intuitive way of interacting with information and images. It resembles the interface that was used in Minority Report. To make sure that you see the resemblance I added a Minority Report scene as a bonus. Bonus: Original Minority Report interface
image The shoes in the clip have wheels attached to their soles. The wheels are controlled by a computer on the user's back. Each time the user takes a step the wheels roll the user back to his original position. This simulates walking while the user is not actually moving forward. This technology is developed to create an even more realistic virtual reality experience. Watch the video. Related News: - Try On Virtual Shoes In Futuristic Adidas Store - CabBoots - Shoes With Integrated Navigation - Skydiver Dives Longer With Turbineshoes
image The standard QWERTY keyboard has many flaws but people stick to it because they don't know anything else. in10did introduces new ways of typing: with a game controller, with gloves or even with a steering wheel. Text, type or game with only 10 keys, one for each finger. Watch the videos. An introduction to in10did and some of their new era keyboards Visitors responding to the new way of typing at E3 Related News: - Minimalist Cell Phone - Analogue Digital Typewriter - CombiMouse - Half Mouse Half Keyboard
It's not that I hadn't seen this technology before but now it's becoming mainstream: Jessica Yellin was recorded as a hologram and beamed into the CNN studio during the elections. via dutch cowboys
image Easily transform your mountainbike into a snowbike with the Ktrak snowbike kit. The result is one ski up front instead of a wheel and a track machine at the rear. Watch the video. via Related News: - Futuristic And Odd Bicycles - Instant Snow - Snowboarding vs Carboarding
After YouTube's integrated video advertising, they just added another cool feature: Annotations. It allows you to add text and links to your YouTube videos. Really cool. Here's an interactive card trick which shows you what that looks like. I included a 'how to' video to help you get started. Feel free to mail me your results after adding annotations to some of your own videos.
Prachtig project dat een heel eigen draai aan zwembaden geeft. Om de haalbaarheid van het project te testen hebben de bedenkers 25.000 dollar nodig. Daarom zijn ze 4 dagen geleden begonnen met crowdfunding. In die 4 dagen hebben ze inmiddels al meer...
image GreenTVguide shows a short clip of a solar backpack invention. Skip the first 40 seconds of the clip to get rid of the babbling host and go straight to the solar backpack. Related News: - Future Green Camper Concept - AltWheels Festival - Steorn - Free, Clean, Energy Technology
To make driving an electric car even more attractive URECA (Unlimited Range Electric Car Systems) battery recharge/exchange stations were invented. In seconds the station automatically swaps batteries. You don't even have to get out of the car. Watch the...
Ik heb geen iPhone 4. Maar als ik er eentje had dan zou ik deze tool kopen: Dot. Je klikt 'm op je iPhone en ineens is je telefoon een gadget om 360 graden video mee te maken. De Dot is nog...
Research from University of Tokyo shown at Siggraph 2009. Holography mixed with ultrasound haptics and computer sensors with the result of holograms that seem to be real to the touch.
image This saw prevents you from cutting off your own fingers. It's called the SawStop. Who wouldn't want one? Fingers? Watch the video. Related News: - Finger Soccer - Smart Gloves By Girl 32 - The Next Era In Typing
There a millions of ways to visualize information. Xplane's latest video brings together incredible info and trends around the internet, social media and more, and tries to guess where we are headed. The computer in your bloodstream stuff is kinda out there, but still... it's plausible...A few more ways of getting information across... Common Crafts on social media Socialnomics on social media Engare ORM on social media Britopian on social media
Video about two projects from a Project Faire by Stanford Computer Science seniors. The first is Savant, software that makes your music playing sound better. Second, StrokeCoach, a project that turned the iPhone into a tool for helping stroke victims.
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