En nou nooit meer vragen: "Met s, dubbel s of s-c-h?"
1000 toy cars are hanging on a wall. Switching on occasionally, trying to move, then fall back and rest again. A handmade urban tapestry. Wired Cars was presented in the Hungarian pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2006....
"An artist trying to make sense of the world, delicately moulding the everyday into the sublime. Lilting piano lines, digitally-enhanced melodies, and sturdily constructed ambient tunes. An artist who is influencing the world of film, video, design, advertising, music, and media art." I added a video about Takagi Masakatsu and some examples of his work. Light Pool Girls via swissmiss
The hottest thing out of Comic Con '09 is the first teaser trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It looks a very imaginative take of the classic novel.
Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada transforms common people into icons by rendering them in charcoal as urban murals. By questioning the controls imposed on public space, the role models that represent us in the public space and the type of events that are guarded by the collective memory, he breaks preconceptions of where art is permitted, when art is needed and to whom it is directed. via wooster collective
image SoniColumn is an interactive sound installation that can be played by a person's touch. The installation takes the form of a column-like cylinder. Grids of LEDs are installed inside the column and when touched they light themselves and produce unique sounds. When a user cranks the handle, the column slowly rotates and plays the light patterns just like an old musicbox would. Related News: - Huge Firespitting Alien - Nokia Project Turns SMS Messages Into Art - Electronic Waterfountain Pipe Organ

Up There

Mooie documentaire over het uitstervend vak van mensen die met de hand reclame-uitingen op gebouwen schilderen. Opvallend detail: de documentaire is gesponsord door Stella Artois. Eigenlijk zit je dus onbewust naar een commercial van 12 minuten te kijken. Maar...
John Chiara made a photo camera which has the size of a camper trailer. That's about all the info you need. Watch the video. via swissmiss
Local Projects is an award-winning design studio that seeks to tell stories in public spaces, museums, and over the internet, often simultaneously. Jake Barton, principal at Local Projects, tells us about some of these projects. They are places for dialogue, not lectures. I am a big fan of projects like these that bring together people. That connect people. PS The video starts with a commercial. But you're free to ignore it. ;-) via core77
image Braille Graffiti is a public art project for the blind. It's an attempt to create a unique experience for the blind people who happen to come across these bits of graffiti designed for them. I wonder what the messsages say.... via

Hand Picked Related Creations

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As digital technology advances, history is being recorded, more and more in photos and videos. One rare instance where art is still required is in the courtroom where cameras are often not allowed. Bill Hennessy, courtroom sketch artist, wants people to consider his work art.Bonus: Guantanamo Bay sketch artist Another interview with Bill Hennessy
image Kinetica is the UK's first museum of kinetic art. It actively encourages the convergence of art and technology, providing an exhibition space in central London where the most important examples of kinetic, technological and electronic art, both past and present, can be properly stored and displayed. Bonus video: Magnetic Vision Exhibition November 2006 Magnetic Vision exhibition at Kinetica Museum. Exploring the work of artists connected by their interest in the forces of nature, magnetic energy, powers of repulsion and attraction and the mechanisms of the universe. Related News: - Museum Embraces Interactive Experience - Museum Plaza Proposal - Museum Of Modern Art Fights Hungrr
image Skip the first 90 seconds of this clip and go straight to the part where amazing body paintings are shown to you in slideshow style. Watch the video. Related News: - Full Body Scanner - Ass Art - Jimi Hendrix Live Painting By Denny Dent
I had already seen the pictures but this Coffee Art video is new to me.
image Pixelator takes video pieces currently on display and diffuses them into a pleasant array of 45 blinking, colour-changing squares. Since the project is an anonymous collaboration, the resulting video is almost entirely unplanned and unanticipated, with the original artists helping to create new works of art without any knowledge of their participation. Watch the video. Pixelator is an unauthorized on-going video art performance collaboration with the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority, Clear Channel Communications, and its selected artists. Related News: - Advertising = Graffiti - Kapitaal - Visual Stimuli Overkill - Nokia Project Turns SMS Messages Into Art
In Wind, shop visitors can send an SMS message to the shop, then see the message appear in animated typographic form. Words break away from the sentence, getting blown across the screens through various landscapes. The landscapes are customised for each store location. Wind was created for Nokia
image If you put popping water balloons on video at 1000 frames per second you can make an extreme slow motion clip of the event. The results are true works or art. Watch the videos. Related News: - Jeep Waterfall - FogScreen - The Screen You Can Walk Through - Just Like Jesus
When this sand is vibrated at ultra high frequencies shapes form. Word of advice: turn down your speaker volume before watching the video above.Here are some other, less technological, sand art videos. Related News: - Coffee Art Video
Artist Antony Gormley talks about his sculptures in this hypnotic video from Art Fund. The video ends with Antony asking where art actually exists. He concludes in the viewer's memory.
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